Ladies First

Ladies first held by The Movemint was last Friday on 31st July at Cloth and Clef

Artist that were on for the night was:
  • Prema Yin (KL)
  • Inch Chua (Singapore)
  • Ira & Echa (KL)
  • Kayda (KL) - could not make it to the show
  • Dewi Sulastri (Singapore) - could not make it to the show
So we were down to 3 artists. I was looking forward to see Kayda in action, as her influences came from local hip-hop group DOSE TWO.

We expected a bigger crowd but the night was a lil' quiet, not as what I expected but the show still went on...(ofcourse)

All music I performed was by GLOBAL CITY. Hail Global City and producer Tatsuro!

Check out for the full show review and photos!

I think I should just post up the flyers.

Becoming Grace - 2008

An experiment done by fellow colleagues. Thanks to Mr.Film Director, Filmbase productions & VHQ post!! Music by Mesmerized, Lyrics by Ira, Post direction by Ira