It’s time for you and me to go our separate ways
I’ll always cherish of our days like there is no tomorrow
Your love was like the heavens from above
And it felt so real like a dream for me
I’ll always keep you close here in my sleep

Even though it has been too long but we know we are always still holding on
Every time I see you, you make me wanna sing all of my favorite songs
From the time when the sun goes down
Till the time it makes another round
You keep coming back to me oh boy you know I’d do it again
Coz you are more than a friend
It’s just something that I can’t comprehend
Coz you are more than a friend

I tell my friend’s that I’ll be okay
That things are over and I’m over it
It just keep getting better
Everybody thinks that I’m just lying to myself
They don’t even know that I am proving to myself
That I can be ok without you in my life
Baby I’ll do just fine like I know you’ll be fine

Even though we move on but we know that we will always be the same
There are things that we keep holding on that we know will always remain unchanged
From the time when the sun goes down
Till the time it makes another round
You keep coming back to me oh boy you know I’d do it again
Coz you are more than a friend
It’s just something that I can’t comprehend
Coz you are more than a friend

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I'm posting this up on behalf of my music listeners that have continuously asked me for the lyrics...This one is for you!!!

It felt strange!

My first time holding the mic with my right hand while singing. It felt AWKWARD.

I have to say that It's tough being LEFT-handed. You're just...never RIGHT!

It felt so awkward that I wanted to cry.... SEE! hehe jokes.

I had a good time. I really should Interact more with the crowd...I'm not good at public speaking! Just public singing! It also felt strange being back home after coming back from perspectives! and new tunes coming up soon....  

Photo by Philip Varges

Thanks Philip!

LIVE at Urbanscapes "Bomb Skillz"

Yo yo yo....I'm not back in the country yet but I heard news that I will be doing a 15 minutes showcase with Vandal this 26th June at Urbanscapes "Bomb Skillz". Really?? hehe. Click here for more detailed info...

See you guys there! You can get my "From Malaysia With Love" CD by hand or at the merch table (If there is any). Say hey and let's chat! =)

See you guys there!!

Loving and loved always, Nadhira

Ooops!! Decided to extend my stay in Canada!

I'm finally done with the tours, had a blast met so many wonderful people!

During this trip, I can't even count how many times I got on the Ferry. From Salt Spring to Vancouver to Salt Spring to Van Island to Salt Spring to Vancouver and times that by a thousand.  I don’t know if I like the East Coast better or the West Coast. I could always like both. I met so many artists on this trip. Seems like every other person walking down the road is!  Moka Only, Elaine, Narai, MannameWHO, Shamik Dynamik (The awesomest beat boxer in the WORLD!! The WORLD!!!) …and I think I’ll stop here only because there’s way too many to name and I suck because I forgot.

Vandal recorded a track with Moka Only and hoped I would jump on the track too but instead I slept because I was ngantuk! (Sleepy).

I also took time off from the travel to go spend a day with Laurie in Victoria, Vancouver Island!! My highschool buddy back when I was in JIS (Jakarta International School). We went to go watch SHAD perform in town... He’s  getting HOT here in Canada. Check him out..!

Me and my girl Laurissa Caines kickin' it like know how we roll..

I am so glad to be able to take time off for the tour because sometimes it takes you to get out of your comfort zone to get re-charged and inspired, internally...

I wanna thank all the good people that I met out here -- hope to build new friendships, collaborate artistically, and help one another...

Stay strong and focused! Nadhira

LIVE in Kentizen, Vancouver!

The show we did for MABC (Malaysian Association of British Columbia) was fun. I’ve never done a dinner event before so that was my first…It was an intimate setting, I had a good time I don’t know about you... 4x3 played and Vandal performed too. He did some raps in Malay so the elderly crowd was like ‘yay!!’ and showing their thumbs up and some even clapped… So I thought that was hilarious…I’m sure they had a good time seeing a mat salleh talk and rap in Malay. Going there and representing Malaysia actually felt like home...thanks to MABC for organizing the event and managing to slot us in the schedule. Appreciate every second of it..

4x3 Invited me to sing a song with them. I messed up because I forgot the lyrics. What else is new...!

I also met Mr. Haris Vice President for Tourism Malaysia in British Columbia. He bought a copy of my CD and got me to sign it…hehe…he will be transferring back to Malaysia soon…so we just had a little chat about how I did some work for Tourism Malaysia back when I was doing Advertising.

This is out of the topic but I REALLY want to thank Andrew from Fattire Photography and Maureen for bringing me BELACAN because I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Island or the stores I tried to find it in. He knew where the Asian market was so he got it there for me. He got me Cili Kering (Dried Chillies) too!!! How sweet.

Q: WHY was I looking for BELACAN?
A: Because there will be German’s coming over to the house for dinner and I want to cook a Malaysian meal.

Q: What will I be cooking?
 A: My delicious chicken curry with my famous Sambal Belacan (Shrimp paste and Chilli). Meal is to be served with rice.

The two dish combination is just WIC to the KED! Jason will be making his famous Sayur (vegetables), maybe Spinach, using his favorite Sesame Oil. Thinking about it is making my mouth water I should probably stop!


                                Image by this.