Puma Social Finale

Last friday was the PUMA SOCIAL Finale Party and it was fun! All PUMA's celebrity friends came to play sports like foosball, pingpong -- and everyone's busy snapping away!

Well here are my moments during the event. All photo's are from Annie Aris.

With Annie Aris & DJ Anowl

"Keep on Moving"

DJ Anowl

Look out for my new Album, coming soon this 2011!!

This video was done by Bryan Lit  for Puma Malaysia.

The Chocolate Thief

In conjunction with the Traxx Upstage Goes Live event I performed at last week -- their official partner Aesthetics extended an Interview!

Found this online today!! Thank you Aesthetics for the support -- you now know my secret!

Taken from Aesthetics Online
Read online article here.

Nadhira The Chocolate Thief

Published 4 April 2011 By Editorial Team
Photo by Aqmal Hadi Shapee

AEST.MY reveals the type of chocolate Nadhira Nishaa could be bribed with and what you could win out of her.

Uh-Oh is Nadhira on the loose? Despite her weakness for chocolate, she tells us all about the music industry, what grosses her out and what she comes to fear the most.

Aest: Do you think it is difficult for artiste to be known or at least have a breakthrough in the music industry in Malaysia?
N: If you compare the music industry here to the US music industry, I’d have to say no, however…Malaysia has different markets to target and if you want to be ‘known’ and make more dosh than other artists, you should probably target the Malay market – they have a wider audience. As for the English market, it’s rather small and if you want to go international you have to start comparing yourself to the international market and see where you fit, because outside of Malaysia is where you will get most support from.

Aest: What was the challenge you faced when you first came around to Malaysia as an artist?
N: I’m not too sure but you could say one of it is opening up to strangers.

Aest: You were in a band called Amethyst (as well as other groups), was it difficult for you to transit from being part of a group member to being solo?
N: Yes and No – Yes for having to deal with pouring your heart out all ALONE on stage, No for being able to move about easily and grow faster in your craft. You represent you, not your band anymore

Aest: Tell us more about your personality as an artist as well as a person in general (are there any differences)?
N: My producer tells me I’m way serious in the studio – hope that’s not a bad thing! I just like getting my sh*t done so I can move on to the next task. Hehe. As a person, I think I’m pretty friendly, open and approachable.

Aest: Tell us are there any weird habits that annoy you?
N: People burping for fun, dirty fingernails, procrastinators, unpunctuality, cheaters – are these even WEIRD at all because it seems to be normal among Malaysians! Ha ha!

Aest: Do tell us about your love affair with chocolates; tell us how you came to love chocolates; any childhood memories?
N: I just LUURRRVEE chocolate. I love it so much that I probably should stop eating it! I can’t think of any childhood memories that don’t involve chocolates. Haha… chocolate chocolate chocolate! It’s great to have a bunch stocked up in the fridge, or hidden, so you’ll be surprised when you find it!

Aest: Were there times where pressure gets to you? What are the sources of it?
N: Oh yes, different sources for different types of pressure but one of it is if someone rushes me to get ready before going out – like if I felt like I wanted to look good and feel comfortable, but I only have 10 minutes to work with, then that’s pressure!! haha!

Aest: What do you do to de-stress yourself? More chocolates?
N: Sit back on the couch and eat sandwiches!! and laze around and do absolutely nothing!

Aest:  You’re a girl who needs chocolates; if you’re about to be bribed with chocolate, from any of us, what would we get?
N: Hahahaha! Probably an empty chocolate wrapper, or MAYBE a “From Malaysia with Love” CD but that also entirely depends on what type if chocolate you want to bribe me with. Hint hint, I love milky swiss chocolates!

Aest: Do you think you could make a career out of making chocolates? Do you see yourself as a chocolatier?
N: Now that you asked, YES – I can so see myself as a chocolatier. I would have so much fun making it, shaping it, flavoring it, packaging it…..but then again I also see myself as a jeweler, and a pottery sculpture, and a visual artist too!! I just love creating!

Aest: What do you fear the most? Why and how did you develop the phobia?
N: I still haven’t gotten over the fear of earthworms. As much as I would love to get into gardening, I’m not sure how possible that is. I can’t even stand the sight of it. It started out when I was really small in UK. There was a school field trip to the park. I’d lie down on the grass then I noticed I was on top of a lot of earthworms…everywhere I looked there were worms! It was like a season for the earthworms to be out and about! I also accidentally squished a few and saw the squished worm stuck on my jumper. It was HORRIBLE!

Aest: Could you tell us all about your toughest gig?
N: I’m not too sure – I think all gigs are tough!

Aest: What do we have to do to get a free CD out of you?
N: Let’s do barter trade! I’ll exchange it for you with a 10 Ringgit note! I’m sure you could afford that! ;)

Aest: You’ve been blogging; when could readers expect your site to be up?
N: Our aim is to have it up before June!

Aest: Do you think you could make a good writer?
N: I’m already a great writer! Just listen to my songs, I wrote them all. Do you need a ghost writer to launch your singing career? You know who to call!

Aest: Will we see you on the big screen someday?
N: I’m assuming you mean the Silver Screen? Hmmm… Who knows!

Aest: If you were ever caught in a scandal, what would it be?
N: One day when Cadbury’s distribution center is reported robbed, well, the scandal will surely arise when they find the trail of wrappers leading right to my door.

Aest: Do you think an artist could pour out emotions in a song to a certain extent only?
N: An artist is only limited to their own personal limitation, so if an artist is in touch with their inner-most emotions it will be felt through their song.

Aest: Why do you think songs with emotions appeal to listeners?
N: The listeners can usually relate to emotional songs, whether about love lost or love found. On that level we all can relate to songs about love.

Aest: Do you think you will be moving out of Malaysia in the future?
N: Right now, Malaysia is the safest and best place to live! If for some reason that changes, I’ll be on the next flight out!

Aest: Any albums out this year? How about new projects that you will be involve in?
N: I will be releasing my latest project with Indonesian Super Producer, Wizzow, mid 2011 and am really excited for my fans to hear what we have in store. I now extend an invitation to YOU (AEST.MY) to come to my launch!

Aest: Who would you like to work with?
N: You want me to be honest?! Ciara, Ne-Yo, Bob Marley, Siti Nurhaliza, Drake, Ronny Haryanto, T.I, Usher, Nicky Minaj, Timbaland, Pharell….. and the list goes on…..