Island Escape

It was a last minute decision made on Sunday. We left on Tuesday and came back on Friday... I had to run off do my usual getaway thing. I hung out at my fav. spot in Peninsular Malaysia - The East Coast, Perhentian Island.

It was ultimate chill.

My oxygen tank
Me and Sharon about to go down

Mi was like "Watch do it!"

Jeff showing off the fish I didn't catch! I don't think I have the patience anyways..
Joe, Jeff & Jason (What the J??)
One of my best buddy (Sharon) from way way way way back in time.
Joe eating Burger Ramli in Bart's TRANSFORMERS boat! LOL many flights of stairs did I climb to get up here Sharon?

Me and PUMA?

Funny story. A real one... 

I was over at Pavilion for the MASiF 2010 event. The stage and sound was nice. I always enjoy the big sound system booooming madness, makes me feel like I could sing my heart out....

Anyways.... So then I was just strolling around the mall looking for food and drinks, then up escalator looking at random stuff. I decided to go into the PUMA store to look at some of their items I wanted to get for myself...I saw some really cool jackets, shoes and bags for women.

So...after I walked out of the store I turned around and saw THIS!

I was like... "really?"

Nooooo wayyyy

The original picture.
Yeah, yaa'll probably wondering whether I can scratch or not huh? lol....That's for me to know and for you to find out...I can tell ya I'm no DJ tho! ;)

Watch this space for more updates on PUMA events. I'll be doing a live set for the campaign launch...
Stay tuned!!


MASiF 2010

You know I love the big stage, pumpin' sounds, lights and action right? The show I did for MASiF 2010 was great, I had a good time. I'm not sure about you guys though. However, I was a bit upset at how my 20 minute set got cut to a 6 minute set. It is frustrating for an artist to not have accomplished a planned mission. I guess big events tend to overdose on artists, worrying that there wouldn't be enough performances to fill in the silent gaps, apparently, almost everyone got cut...

However, I went up there and did my thing. So a big thank you to the event organizers for having THE MOVEMINT represent everyday from Wednesday to Sunday! Shout outs to Vandal for handling all this for the kids. If it weren't for you...we wouldn't have known artists like Kraft, Sona One, Jin Hackman, SSK, Myself, (drop me more names and I'll add onto the list!) If you're interested, you can listen to more of the local hip hop stuff on MY FLOW .

And not to forget, hollering to the newly emerged beatboxers in Malaysia. They all grew out of no where and just appeared one day... :) Bless! I think the "entertainment" industry should pay a closer attention to the independent scene. We got REAL talent out here.

Also, salute to Malaysian Hip Hop blog. The online tabloid... hehe!

Singing "Feel That" feat. Vandal
You can listen to the tunes on this site or go here

Check out more photo here.

Fairness in all dealings, with love and peace...

2 shows this 17th!! and more to come...It's been a busy month!

I been real busy over the past couple of weeks, last week especially since it was nearing Eid...I spent the whole weekend with non other but the family, took a drive down to Negeri Sembilan, where my parents are originally from, we convoyed with 5 cars. It was fun. We ate Ketupat, Lemangs and Rendangs the whole time!
Taken from here!
Picture taken from here
For my friends who are NOT from Malaysia and have never seen these type of food, I tell's something can only experience it here. Don't believe me? Ask Vandal.

Moving on......
I got 2 shows this 17th. The first one would be for MASiF 2010

I got this off their site:-
In conjunction with Malaysia Day, a special celebration will be held, incorporating music, fashion, lifestyle, and art. Live music from local favourites Anuar Zin, Jaclyn Victor, Azlan & The Typewriter, and The Aseana Percussion Unit. Songbird and chairperson of MASiF Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim will also be performing. Tom Abang Saufi and Hatta Dolmat's designs are among the fashion pieces that will be on display, while visual artists Harris Ribut and Ismail Baba, and graffiti artists, will be wowing the audience. -

2nd show for the night will be at PALATE PALETTE for the official launch of ARTAM .

Head on over to their site to find out what it's all about. Big ups to my music brother KING LHOTA for putting all of this together. 

Come by if you wanna grab some of "From Malaysia With Love" CD's. It is among the CD's that is worth more than your RM15 :)

I wanna give big shoutouts to Ooloo Clothing all the way from my latest favorite city of Toronto, Canada. They are shipping some of their tee's over to Malaysia. If any of ya'll are interested in their tee designs head on over to their site to order. They got new designs coming up..!

My fav. girl MASIA ONE is reppin' Ooloo too. Rumour has it that she's coming down KL again end of this year! Follow her to keep up people!

Bless and Love, Nadhira

"From Malaysia With Love" CD Review

"From Malaysia With Love" CD review on JUICE

" Nadhira is a breath of fresh air to the R&B scene in Malaysia; come to think of it, there isn't quite an R&B scene in Malaysia, She's gone from being a rock chick to an amazing R&B artist, and on this collection of songs, you can't help but hear the heartbreak. This deput EP is packed with killer Global City Music productions to complement Nadhira's silky vocals, and it deserves a spot with other International female R&B albums out there. The 6 tracks plus 2 remix tracks make this definitely a keeper. Watch out for Nadhira at a gig near you" - Kevin Yeoh

"From Malaysia With Love"