Fly FM Interview 2010

 Ahh....for those that missed it on the radio show, this was what went on during the Interview. Sorry that it is kind of delayed... hehe!

Big ups to Hunny Madu and the Fly FM Crew! :)


Peace, Nadhira

"BREAKING UP" #1 on Fly FM Campur Charts!

The moment we have been waiting for...

FINALLY. Positivity for the record..."Breaking Up" finally hit top spot..#1 (one) on Fly FM!!!! Too bad this is not the US other wise I'd be rich by now...ahhaha....

I want to take this moment to thank Fly FM for the support of my first collaboration single release and letting me rotate on the chart weeks after weeks... Thanks King Lhota for being part of it, The MoveMint , and ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the listeners out there who showed mad love and support by voting. Atleast when I'm old an wrinkly I can tell my grandkids I had a song that sat on #1 on the radio charts..

Thanks again guys!

Alright, in support of Fly FM... I wanna post this up!


                                 Nadhira jamming to her own tune

Bless and one love, Nadhira - 18th April 2010.

It's FRIDAY seems like the party days are over for me!

Yeah, I'm partying all alone in my room right now just listening to some old tracks for some need of real healing right this moment.
What's new? Seems like I always have something I wanna share everyday but could never find the time to share my thoughts here. I had the craziest dream last night...when I say crazy...I mean crazy! I saw myself in a video clip on TV doing the sickest thing like I'm so cool...apparently I had some crazy powers that made me run so fast in the streets in between cars, jumping on it while I on the car with backup dancers behind on OTHER took place in some foreign country. was wild!! HA HA. I've never seen myself rocking it out so hard... and as I watch myself, I was aware that it was a dream that I even asked the person next to me (in my dream) 'is that me? are you sure?' .... 'woah...' ...'how come I don't remember doing any of it?'

HAHAHHAHA.....  Yup.

Well I'm really excited about The MoveMint 2nd Anniversary Party this 8th May 2010!!  I will be launching my EP. Speaking of it, I got pretty tight deadlines to finish it up...doubt it'll be perfect...but it's all good. It's a present that I'll leave behind for CANADA on my tour. Hope and pray for all the positive things this year and many more years to come...I ain't stopping, gonna keep coming with FULL FORCE! watch out lol.. kidding.
When I have the time, I will take my time to make things right... :) Still have dreams of an album that's 100% me. YESS.... my piano and I and I and my piano. Okay I REALLY have to stop dreaming. This is me spending my time on my Friday night!

Here's a picture of my soul instrument and my sacred space... check it!

                 Yeah, I'll decorate the space real soon to set some sort of 'inspirational' mood. hehe

Did I mention that this piano has been with me since I was 8? All the way from London baby. 
It's a Dietmann piano.

Something funny about Fly FM =)

I just wanted to share my thoughts and laughter towards this....Ever since my song got onto the CAMPUR CHARTS (mid Jan 2010), my name was NEVER spelled first it was Irie Ira (I may have confused the media with the 'Irie Ira' when I came out with "Breaking Up" ).. So then during the radio interview at Fly, I told them it's Nadhira... so my name changed but spelled 'Nadira'. Without the 'H'. and it went on for weeeeks like I kinda gave up on trying to correct people with my name spelling... haha, so finally!! Today..... Jason says 'Hey your name on Fly changed again' ... so I checked....

and dum dum dummmmmmmmmm.......................

It's finally NADHIRA !!! Yay... so I'm happy... seeing the song sit on #2 with the name spelled the right way... :D

Please keep voting for me! I would like to see the song go to #1 just for the record! hehe....

Anyhooo, I posted a few new video's up on YouTube... go check it out!

Love, Peace and Respect, Nadhira

Breaking Up - YJ Remix

Kudos to Mr.Yuriz Joe for producing a total flip REMIX. He only heard my song once, took my vocals and switched it up to his own feel. I'd have to say that he has a really good imagination. Great producer..!

Listen to his craft right here man!

SO feeling the vibe....

2 Nominations for AVIMA !!! (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards)

It has been a while since I've written anything here.... hehe! Alot of things have been happening...musically, personally, work, life.. not to mention, I just lost a really close friend who was like a sister to me. I guess when EGO & SELFISHNESS gets in the loose yourself, like she did. You can't do nothing but just let it go and pray that one day they will come to their senses.

Anyhow! LOL Sorry for the sappy-ness! HAHAHHAA put aside negativity and focus on the positive...

Here goes...

I've been nominated for 2 AVIMA 2010 (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards) awards!
Both for "Breaking Up" feat KING LHOTA  

Here are the nominations: 
1) Best Collaboration
2) Feelgood Song of The Year

You can check out the article and all the other amazing artists that took part in this award: 

I have to admit, SIVA did a really good job on this whole thing. I admire his effort and love in providing a platform for Indie artists. What else can you ask for huh? :)  

I feel blessed and thankful for this. Heeeeeeeeee...........

Bless, Love, Respect and Faith,

Do It Again Music Video

Ahhh! The moment we all have been waiting for :)

The MoveMint presents.....

Produced & Directed by : Ismail Kamarul
DOP : Goh Poo Eik
Cameraman : Syahidan Estee
Editor : Ismail Kamarul

I just wanna thank the production team for putting their heart and effort into this. You guys should check Three Libran's production for the high-res version. Thanks Wai Leng, Gary, Ang, Quek, Hanna Baharin and husband, Vincent Tja, and everyone else who helped out!Also, big ups to Global City Music, The MoveMint, Kevin Felix for being THE inspiration, Adam Sinclair, my brother Naqib, the production crew, Tey from Awai Photography,  house owner!! and I think that's about it? Hope I didn't miss anyone out.

Peace and Love...