What's going on??!?!?

It's been a while since I blogged and mainly it's because I have been lazy OR busy going places and attending different events.

You see, initially this blog was created due to boredom and I wanted to just create a space where I can showcase and talk about the "creative" things I have been doing musically. It was Jason's idea. And then in time, people started responding to my posts so i thought maybe i should just continue doing it...

lalalalalala then almost 2 years later (or maybe 1 and a half), i realized that i've created a 'portfolio' of a lot of my...so to say... 'creative work' and it all became serious...like...releasing my EP "From Malaysia With Love", gettings my songs played on the radio, getting interviews and write ups in the magazines/newspapers, having my music video on MTV and local tv stations, people were booking me for shows, i became a brand ambassador...etc....and fast forward to present time....

This blog will soon be GONE! not fully though because I will finally have a new proper website up...you shall see!!!

And on top of that I have a confession to make -- I been working on new tracks and I am DIGGINGGGG each and everyone of it...What I plan to do with this next project will remain a secret for now until everything is finalized. I surprise myself sometimes...

So after being back from Indonesia and Sabah, the first official event I "SANG" (if you call it singing)at was "Raising The Bar #3" - Hosted by our homey Jin Hackman.
We had amazing artists like KARMAL, Flow Artist, Shazet, Vandal, SSK, Boss Chan, KTM and on the decks was SKWARE-1 & Jocular.

There was the XXII tee's, LANSI caps, CD's from our local homebwoys...

So to sum it all up, It has been a great 2011 so far!
Wanna catch me in action again? Next week at The Big Bank$ Theory

Hope to catch you there...!

"Do It Again" on MTV Nusantara Hits

Much love to MTV for including my "Do It Again" music video on the list!

If you haven't seen it yet, this is the video!

CLIVE Interview

I was told today there was a Nadhira feature Interview in CLIVE last December 2010! Thank you CLIVE for the support and having me on, wish I came across this sooner! :)

Screen captured from CLIVE online


Nadhira Nishaa
Posted 30 December 2010 at 04:01AM by Bervin Cheong.

Tell us more about yourself.
I happen to be a Malaysian who did not grow up in Malaysia. I grew up in three countries – UK, Brunei and Indonesia, but I came back to Malaysia after completing my high school and I have been living here for seven years now. Living abroad is all about meeting the different people and getting to know the various cultures, and it has been a wonderful experience. I’ll never trade it for anything else.

How did you get started in the music industry?
I’ve always been really interested in music since young. I sang a lot and I’ve been recording my own stuff since I was a kid. Though I did get sidetracked as I grew up – I worked in advertising for a little while after college, I’m now seriously focusing on my music again. I’m doing it full time now.

What’s your brand of music like?
Experience wise, it has been a little crazy. I started off playing classical music on the piano – that was my first hands-on experience with music. Then I became more involved in rock, blues and jazz. Actually during my teenage years I was playing a lot of rock songs. I guess I have experienced making a lot of different types of music. My direction now? I would say more soul and R&B

What’s your musical inspiration?
Growing up, I listen to a lot of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Sheila Majid. In a way, those artistes have inspired me since I was very young to be really involved in music. Now I would probably say what inspires me most is what I go through in life, the people I meet and situations I come across. I take that stuff and transfer it to my music. You could say life inspires me.

What’s your fashion style like?
It has really evolved over time. My style five or ten years ago is different from what you see now. I used to really wear a lot of black. Yes, it made me feel really dark all the time and I got tired of it. So, I started wearing colors. Now I feel more like a rainbow and it makes me happy.

Do you think that fashion and music goes hand in hand?
Not for me. I don’t combine my music and my fashion style. I feel that its two separate things. I don’t change the way I dress because of my music. You know how when you’re younger you dress a certain way and as you get older your fashion changes? You change, your music changes, your fashion style changes. It happens separately. It’s part of how one’s life evolves I think.

Tell us about your experience being a PUMA ambassador and about filming for their Happy Hunting campaign.
Being a PUMA ambassador is awesome. It’s kind of odd seeing myself on a big poster though. Shooting the PUMA Happy Hunting video was fun but tiring. I had to arrive at the Gardens mall before all the shops were open. Then I and to run around as they filmed me. Definitely fun but really, really tiring.

FEMALE Magazine Feb' Issue

Female Mag Feb 2011

Nadhira in FEMALE magazine!   

I wanna thank FEMALE for the cute and short Interview on my 'MUST-HAVES'! Really appreciate your support!

Check out more on Nadhira Facebook, Nadhira Music, Nadhira YouTube, Nadhira Blog


We caught up with Puma’s latest fashion ambassador to discuss the stylish and sassy aspects of life.
Photo by Aqmal Hadi Shapee
1. How would you describe your personal style?
“My style is influenced by my mood. Depending on how I feel that day is how I choose to clothe myself… if I feel like a bird, I might just wear a bird suit and walk around.”
2. What’s your current fashion obsession?
“I don’t normally have fashion obsessions BUT these days, I’ve been wearing a lot of high-cut sneakers, flat-rimmed caps and chunky jewelleries… easy, sporty and girly at the same time.”
3. Share your biggest fashion pet-peeves with us.
“Don’t have one. I don’t really care what people wear as long as it makes them happy.”
4. How does it feel to be appointed as the brand ambassador of Puma Malaysia?
“It feels great but at the same time, it feels very random. However, I am honored to be among the chosen ones!”
5. Are there similarities between the brand Puma and your personality?
“Definitely! Puma is a brand for active people and I am really active in my movements and how I approach life in general… so, Puma sneakers work well for my active feet… hehe! Not to forget, I dig their designs – that’s the most important thing.”
6. Tell us about your most memorable fashion moment.
“I don’t really have one… maybe a silver spacesuit for the snowy weather, but that was like 20 years ago.”
7. Will there be plans for more fashion collaborations with Puma?
“I really hope so! They are busy with a lot of campaigns and I am always a part of it.”
8. Would you like to design your own fashion line for this brand?
“Can I say HELL YEAH? If not, then…YES!”