Don't Wanna Wait track

Friends and felloowww buddies have asked me where they can listen to 'Don't Wanna Wait' track online which was out on 'Her...compilation' done by Laguna Records.

CD's are sold in stores you can find it at 'Rock Corner' and a few other stores which I'm not sure of but i will update the blog on this.

You can help support me by downloading the ringtone onto your phone OR if you want the real track you can purchase it on itunes for only USD$ 0.99 Come on guys... :) I would appreciate the help SO much..
This is my first track sold online so you know.... the FIRST always mean the most! (sorry but i've been watching too much 'How i met your mother').

But i know before anyone buys it you're going to have to listen to it right?
So i got it on youtube for those that are interested to just...LISTEN... :)

The members who helped me make this possible are my extended family and a big applause to Jerry Felix for letting me drag him to the studio for this! ( I love you uncle!), and his great son who helped me compose this tune and being the real story i tell in my music (I love you too Kevin boy), and Aaron who played the lead guitar and solo and bass! (Aaron is Kevin's cousin. I love you tooo A! I saw you and CrizCroz in the papers last weekend! Congrats on the CD release!)   Ahhh........... i love the Felix's and the Biggs. :)

Wait! one more! How can i forget.... AQMAL aka MORPHEUSE. He was the amazing photographer behind the camera who i waited with for aeroplanes to pass just so we can get this shot!

Here is the original photo :)

Please check out his work here because he is super duper cool :)

Opened for DJ Yoji (Live in KL 2009)

 King Lhota had an opening set for DJ Yoji and invited me to perform with him on two of our tracks...

My single "Breaking Up" and his single "Konvict Souljah" :)

Was fun but I wish there was more crowd at the time we were on. I'm not too sure but i THINK that this was the biggest stage I've been on since I've been back in KL. Indonesia stage doesn't count because most of it is BIG... :)

Our DJ for the night was Vandal. Which was cool...though he is more of an MC! 

"Breaking Up"

I'm psyched that this track is complete. It took about a month to finish. Will fill in on the credits once it's up and running :) 

This is my first attempt to do something with a pop reggae-ish vibe. I have had comments from people saying 'Paris Hilton wannabe' .  HA HA.


Moving on, it will be posted up real soon. I am just waiting to hit the year 2010 and this shall be the anthem to bring me to a whole new year with many many more projects to come :)

Peace, Ira

Raja Nas CD Launch

Event was supposed to be held in CAPSQUARE but venue changed to Sheraton Hotel. Alot of VIP's showed up and a few media people. Snacks were good. CD launch room and location was perfect. Club we performed at was freaking cold.



After posting this up I realized I didn't snap a photo with the main boy for the day - Raja Nas.
Congratulations on the Album launch, Nas

The Bomb Shelter - 18.11.09

King Lhota feat. Irie Ira - Konvict Souljah
Photo by: Words Manifest


TYGS#12 was one of the best TYGS ever! Simply because it was different coz this time the beats were done by the beatboxers and the rappers freestyle over whatever random beat the beatboxer decides to do...Also, the acts were pretty random, if i'm not mistaken it's the first time someone does a raggae track on TYGS, since the whole thing revolves around 'hip-hop' music.
I enjoyed SSK, i like SSK to be honest. Funny! Witty and sarcastic -- totally rap pasar kampung pandan! :) It's fun rap and very the 'Melayu'. Loved it!
Had a good time with King Lhota, performed my new 'BREAKING-UP' live for the first time, and not to forget...our 'Konvict Souljah'.

Also, just something i want to share...i went by to the orphanage home (ASDAF) earlier this evening in quest of searching for the 'perfect' 'orang asli' talent for one of the ads i was working on...I hung out with the kids, and it brought so much joy to me seeing them happy with the glow in their eyes, having an outsider come for a visit and looking for the one that will feature in a newspaper ad! They were happy and i was happy talking to them, seeing them...knowing that they've been in that home their whole life. I didn't manage to visit the girls dorm but did meet some of them, very sweet young ladies. It also brought sadness to my heart as it reminded me to always be thankful and blessed for the good things i have in life, a wonderful family. Ok that's all! :)

World March for Peace and Non Violence

There was an event for this held last Saturday on 10th October 2009. I didn't stay until the end of the night so i didn't get to march for this, however it was an honor to be able to take part by performing 2 of my own tracks.

Respect to the 5 NGO's: NurSalam, The Women's Aid Organization, Voice of the Children, SPCA and the Restaurant Group Maxim Image for giving birth to a CULTURAL STREET FESTIVAL to celebrate and create consciousness! Really radical, positive and real. :)


Konvict Souljah Music Video.

It's finally out.
Check out. Music is unmixed and this is NOT final. :) Big ups to PARTYNIZER, KING LHOTA and all the crew on the set.


Think You Got Skillz #12 -- 17th October 2009

Think You Got Skillz #12 will be held on 17th Oct 2009. Where else if not at Cloth N' Clef?

This round will be different from the rest of the previous TYGS coz it will be a beatbox and emcee battle.
Performances for the night is SSK, IRA & KING LHOTA and SILK ROAD SOUND SYSTEM ON THE DECKS.

It will be FUN. It will also be the FIRST TIME i perform live with KING LHOTA. Not just that! It's ALSO the first time someone does something raggae,dancehall-ish for TYGS, i think?! It will be a split set for us.

See you there!

Konvict Soljaz -- New single by KING LHOTA feat. IRA

I have been working with KING LHOTA on his single release 'Konvict Soljahz'...we hope that everything turns out fine!
Pre-recorded the track to work on a music video which will be out very very soon...
Video was shot yesterday around Sunway and Damansara. The Damansara location was a nice place. It's the RAKAN MUDA complex in Mont' Kiara. It's where the kids go to hang out and do graffity, skate, music and other art related stuff. It's a good place! Malaysia finally has a spot for the kids to hang out coz I remember back in the days....they'd have to skate at really weird places and grind on random pavements...and get caught by some cop or something. This complex had a massive half pipe (the people in Malaysia wanted for so long!! -- they used to self create ramps with wood! Pak Din's father sponsored the wood if i'm not mistaken. I watched my friends make it for a skate comp when some famous American 2 long braided skater came down to do a demo. Sorry i forgot his name), then a mini one...then a different shaped one with ramps and different sized half pipes and stuff like that..Basically...this spot is THE spot they've been waiting for. Real good stuff.

Anyhow, will post up the song and video up real soon. Here are some photos from the shoot! :)
Big ups to PARTYNIZER events for making this happen!

The crew I worked with for the video...

The pool scene (I really wonder how this one will turn out!)

Shoot location, Rakan Muda Complex, Mont Kiara.


Shooting the video. It was fun!

You should should check out King Lhota's album 'BEST OF KL' . Listen to his tunes on myspace! Just click on the link.

You can also check out MORE photos from the shoot on IRA's myspace. Just click on the link!

Ladies First

Ladies first held by The Movemint was last Friday on 31st July at Cloth and Clef

Artist that were on for the night was:
  • Prema Yin (KL)
  • Inch Chua (Singapore)
  • Ira & Echa (KL)
  • Kayda (KL) - could not make it to the show
  • Dewi Sulastri (Singapore) - could not make it to the show
So we were down to 3 artists. I was looking forward to see Kayda in action, as her influences came from local hip-hop group DOSE TWO.

We expected a bigger crowd but the night was a lil' quiet, not as what I expected but the show still went on...(ofcourse)

All music I performed was by GLOBAL CITY. Hail Global City and producer Tatsuro!

Check out for the full show review and photos!

I think I should just post up the flyers.

Becoming Grace - 2008

An experiment done by fellow colleagues. Thanks to Mr.Film Director, Filmbase productions & VHQ post!! Music by Mesmerized, Lyrics by Ira, Post direction by Ira