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I am chilling out at Salt Spring Island, BC...One of the Gulf Islands situated east of the Pacific ocean. Sipping on Cappucino looking out into the sea...not such a good weather outside, pretty foggy and cold. Here's where I'm at....

Looks like it's a good weather in Malaysia coz my song DO IT AGAIN is now sitting at #1 on the MET10 Chart. Finally :)


Thanks everyone that worked with me to get 2 #1's! Global City, The MoveMint,, King Lhota, Sonicsoul Production,, Three Libra Films,

Enjoy this video:

In support of I am posting this up. THANKS!!

LIVE in UBC (University of British Columbia)

I am having the best time of my life here... lol...but you know I like exaggerating so...

I had so much fun performing at The Tree House! Such a hippy place... people wanna listen to your story if you tell them you're not from being Canadian and having cold weather day to day...I LOVE rubbing it in their faces that I come from a land where it's summer day and night .... ahhh the beach...palm trees...the sea....birds.... hot chicks in bikini's....really.....that's MALAYSIA for you.

Moving on, I will be performing at  the University of British Columbia ExplorASIAN Alumni
There's gonna be thousands of people there which is quite nerve wrecking but I'll survive...I hope..!

CD's are gonna be on sale at the booth.

I wish I could study in UBC!!!   

Okay bye!

LIVE in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia!!!

It's pretty funny and random that we have a show here. Such a hippy place to be....
I love this place! It's so beautiful with the mountains and the trees. The house we are staying at is overlooking the islands and sea and mountains, such a beautiful view...

Anyways, glad to be able to leave a mark here! HA HA! Will post up photo's when I have it!

LIVE in Vancouver!

I had such a fun time jamming with the peoples in Vancity! The guys really put up a good show... I definitely enjoyed myself and my set hehe just a small and intimate one :)

Thank you Small World and gig organizer for putting up the event!
 Here's a photo taken by Fattiretribe Fotography

                                 and this is the event flyer...


I arrived Toronto on 13th May, hung out with Jason's friends. The city is really different and unique and there are so many people from all walks of life. It's amazing how diverse the city is when it comes to race and culture.

                                       Oh Canada...

We arrived when it was raining stone cold! Freezing as hell especially coming from a 32 deg. Celsius on average - country, Malaysia! HA HA!

We went by train, city car & walked everywhere, it was good how much walking i did, i felt like my muscles were really exercised... lol.

The day after, we went to Niagara Falls. I love that place especially the town's of Niagara on the lake. When I become rich, I want to have a chilled holiday house there. ;) I enjoyed the weather! Breezy with warm sun :) Birds and flowers were out and blooming! We went to the botanical garden....I had a great time.. :)

We got to catch a baseball game between THE RANGERS (Texas) vs. THE BLUE JAYS (Toronto) at the SKY DOME.

 I performed at THE TRANE STUDIO on Tuesday night alonside Zoe and The Ninth Planet.

I loved both of them! Glad to share the same event with them :)  Many friends showed up so that was cool.. :)

I was really surprised and happy that Zai came by with her friends :)

                                "I love Toronto!" - Nadhira

                                 The brothers; Anthony and Gianne.


                                   Me and Prithi of NINTH PLANETS

                   Sairupa NINTH PLANETS, me, VANDAL and Zoe  

The day after that we went to Ed's house to record my track. It is called 'Keep on Running'. Live recording on TAPE. Just me on the piano and vocals, and Ed on Drum and Bass! I cannot wait to hear the outcome :)

Ended the Toronto visit with Breakfast with Tamash as we didn't get to go to his sprout farm!

And off to Vancouver...!

Love, Nadhira

Hong to the Kong makes HONG KONG!

I am in Hong Kong now, my first impression when I got here was “It’s like Singapore, but bigger” so I’ve concluded that HONG KONG IS THE BIGGER VERSION OF SINGAPORE.  Except that I didn’t feel too much like a robot…

The train ride from the airport to town was lovely because we passed through the mountains and hills and the sea…the train is SUPER fast though, it is probably the fastest train that I have been in….seriously. Even the MTR (LRT’s of HK) trains are foooooking fast. Didn’t stink of armpit at all and probably that’s because the wind and air conditioner blows hard…the public transports here don’t stink of people’s armpits or anything so that’s a good thing.

The weather is lovely, cool and breezy, about 28 deg Celsius…so you can imagine how that’s like walking in the streets…not too humid so NO your make up DOES NOT melt and your armpit doesn’t get too sweaty unless you suddenly decide to run. There is a 7 eleven everywhere which is cool…..I like how things are in blocks here, it’s easier man….

We stayed at CHUNG KING MANSIONS this really ghetto backpack place for HK$160. The toilet was so small that you could poo, shower and brush your teeth at the same time.

At night, we hung out with GOLD MOUNTAN at his crib together with MISS DJ YELLOW and VANDAL. He wanted to show us some magickal stuff before we head for dinner. So for dinner we had a feast!!! A BBQ feast and in total, we spent HK$1000 plus for 4 people just for dinner! I think that’s pretty crazy shit, I’ve never spent so much for dinner…. Dang…


Okay, so overall, I liked the stay here, wish I had more time so I could really explore the culture, people and the place….

At the airport now, waiting for flight to Vancouver…

Bless, hugs and love always, Nadhira

Some thoughts that I gotta spill..!

A lot of things have happened for the past months of 2010. I think I achieved quite a lot since it hit 2010. 2009 was a good year for me, I think 2007 and 2008 were dark years for me but you know that’s how life works…god steals something valuable from you only to give you something even better in return… I have faith that things will fall into place when the time is right, and if it doesn’t….it was never meant to be, you get me? Just believe in destiny… and don’t be too upset about things not going according to plans…because seriously, sh*t happens. Accept things and face it as your go along…it will only make you stronger. Like the saying goes “You make it or break it”.

My life throughout 2008 up to 2009 influenced the songs that I sang on “From Malaysia With Love” EP. The experience was my biggest drive and motivation to keep moving forward and to finally come up with my CD (after waiting for 25 years to make it happen!) So I have to say thank you to YOU kevo, for having such a big impact in my life, love you so much!

Your music is like mini chapters in your life – a phase and definitely a symbol to represent who you are.
Over the years, growing up I was always musically active, playing in multiple bands…I just wanted to do everything and anything that was connected to music. Music is such a healing tool for the soul – you can go into other worlds and just forget reality, or even use that as a tool to heal others and yourself. Definitely the therapy for MY soul, not too sure about yours! ;)

This year, I managed to release my CD, do a video clip for Do It Again, (might do another one in Canada on my tour), Get my video on rotation on Astro, got 2 songs on the radio, “Breaking Up” with Fly FM and “Do It Again” on “Breaking Up” reached no.1 on the chart. Radio interviews with and, TV Interviews with 8TV Quickie, Astro DIGIMUSIC Top10, NTV7 Breakfast show…all acting as promo for “From Malaysia With Love”, got ‘Do It Again’ on ringtone *131*CODE# and Call or Send to get it on your phone! but for MAXIS only...

I have to really thank The MoveMint for helping me make things happen for me this year…it definitely is a kick start and a push for me to create a full length release now based on the latest chapter in life! ;) Oh….I see the sun alright, it’s definitely calling me….
I am excited to get the chance to have a Canadian Tour for over a month. There’s quite a bit of shows lined-up at the moment and more to add in the list really soon… Feel really blessed for this awesome opportunity.
I am going to sign off with this for now but I will be back… ;) Until then, stay strong always,

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Astro DIGIMUSIC Top 20

I was over at Astro last month on 20th April for the DIGIMUSIC Top 20 for an Interview... I managed to record the live footage...still trying to get the original copy but not sure if i can?...

Anyways... here's the interview...wish i could have spoken a bit louder I can't hear what I'm saying, but lucky there was a mic! lol

And here is the warm up session before that... with Aaron on guitars! :)

Bless, Love and Respect, Nadhira

From Malaysia With Love EP on New Straits Times!

Hip hop MoveMint


Independent music label MoveMint is celebrating its second anniversary and all are invited to the party, writes AREF OMAR

FANCY grooving to the sounds of hip hop, funk, soul, R&B, reggae and more? Then join in the celebrations of MoveMint’s 2nd Anniversary Party on May 8. “Our strength is hip hop and urban music but not limited to any one genre, and we’re focused on talent development,” says Jason ’Vandal’ Schadt, co-founder of the independent music label. “It’s about any little thing we can do to make an impact, even if it’s coming up with the artistes’ profiles. We hit at the grassroots level, kind of like a schoolyard for artistes, before they hit the next stage.” The highlight of the event will be the launch of the EP, From Malaysia With Love, by singer-songwriter and MoveMint co-founder Nadhira Nishaa.

The multi-instrumentalist (she plays the piano, drums, guitar, sax and violin), now working on her debut album, has so far released two singles, Breaking Up and Do It Again, with the latter currently on the Top 10 chart (the music video of the single at

She will belt out her smooth R&B and reggae-infused songs with a live band in a bon voyage performance (Nadhira and Vandal are set for a tour in Canada later in the month). MoveMint has been actively holding hip hop-related activities, including Think You Got Skillz? (TYGS), the country’s first rap battle event. So another highlight of the anniversary celebrations will be the first ever Malaysia-vs-Singapore rap battle, where the Supafriends Team SG will take on the TYGS All-Stars. Other programmes include beatbox presentations, freestyle demos, b-boy break dancing performances, live graffiti and an awards and appreciation ceremony. If these are not enough, there will be special performances by Schadt, Kraft, Micah and Senegalese dancehall artiste King Lhota as well as DJ Ideaz and The Silk Road.

“I think there’s plenty of talent here and more opportunities for them now as hip hop is pretty much a commercial pop culture,” says Schadt.

Catch The MoveMint party on May 8 (7pm-3am) at Envy Club, Lot K-0G-09, 10 & 11, SohoKL, Solaris Mont’ Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. Call 03-6203 0913 / 03-6203 0913 or visit
This is how it looks like in NST 

You guys gotta come for the event! All details are below... :)

Bless and love always, Nadhira