It's the END of JAN 2010 !

The performance by Najwa last Saturday as Cloth and Clef was sikkk… She is the one Malaysian woman who I highly look up to musically. Her vocal range is about 3 octaves? Maybe 4?..okay I’m not even going to guess ha ha! And she knows her blue keys at the top of her heart. Inspired is what I am. It’s nice seeing females more involved. Top-notch, high quality…and not to mention…humble too. I hope that it all stays this way and soon we can have a show and invite all the female artists to sing and collaborate! And struggle to overpower each other like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in their collabo ‘When you believe’….*jokes*

Essam put up a good event that night. There was so many bands from different genre’s…The Stoned Revivals made me cheerful =) …. Funky stuff goin on!

Liyana performed a cute set.

Honestly, the acoustics sound system upstairs was really good…

I also met up with a bunch of really old friends, and got a supporter all the way from Wales. She fell in love with my song and told me I was really ‘healthy’… do you know what ‘healthy’ means? Haha. OK nevermind.

My song premiered on the Fly FM’s Campur Chart for the first time on Sunday. It was no.9 on the chart. It was a funny slash weird feeling. Good stuff though…I hope that I even make it on the chart for more than 1 week! HAHA...
So you know, all the votes and sms's and call requests DO count.

Besides that, I personally like PESAWAT. Have had my eyes on them before they came out...

Anyways, see where the chart takes me and how long I will last on it!

Just wanted to share this, something for you to think about.

Peace and Love, Nadhira

Nadhira on Fly FM Campur Chart...

This is good news. I am super stoked! =)

It's the first time that I am getting a radio play for myself. Thank you King Lhota, thank you THE MOVEMINT and thank you Fly FM for being interested to play my tune on Campur Chart.

Please help by requesting or vote here! It would help alot.

For more info's on the radio play, do check out the facebook event page.


Peace and Love, Nadhira

Stuff and things!

It has been a while since I last posted something on the blog. I've been receiving many positive feedbacks and downloads for 'Breaking Up'.
Besides that THE MOVEMINT is doing a remix competition. If you are interested to take part you can find out more about it on the FACEBOOK event page.

There has been rumors that I am in the midst of planning a video clip for one of my tracks.
True or False?


The video is for 'Breaking Up'.
True or False?

hahahahaha... I wish I could say TRUE!

I don't wanna mention anything more except that I am excited about it. I hope it turns out great...
Global City Music represent :D

We had the CYPHER SUNDAZE event last weekend. I think it was the busiest CYPHER SUNDAZE we've ever had. The Jerk Chicken sold out... AGAIN. Besides that, there was 3 couples making out in the middle of event venue. They were all lined up and it was going on for hourss....literally! Now you don't see alot of that around here. Ha! Ha!

Do check out THE MOVEMINT for the hottest happenings around the GLOBE.

Peace and Love.

"Breaking Up" feat. King Lhota


"Breaking Up" is finally up online. You can listen to it here.

Or you can also download the track.

Enjoy :D

Peace, Ira

2010 here I come!



Mayyyn, now you don't have to wait no more coz there's some people "Breaking Up" in the house!

Listen to my new track titled "Breaking Up" featuring the one and only KING LHOTA exclusive only at...


Have a good year everyone!

Peace, Ira

p.s I'll post the song up here soon. THE MOVEMINT will represent this time.