I have to say that last night's "Raising the Bar #6" was one of the best ones. It was to bring back 90's Hiphop and everyone was supposed to pick their favorite 90's song and bring it back to 2011!!  They covered songs from Wu-tang, Cypress Hill, Nas, Snoop, MC Hammer, Kriss Kross, Biggie, Pras, Big L, 2Pac, Lauryn Hill, Major Stress, KRS-ONE, Black Street...My cover song was SWV - Right Here (Human Nature Mix). Would it be fair to say that I WAS NOT in the right frame of mind...? lol Nonetheless, I think we all had a blast.

Moving on to the next project...
Have you ever heard of ON THE BEAT AND PATH? It's an online travel program. Our friend Steve Northcott from the band The Benchmarks, who is also a stand up comedian, does this to service his passion...Isn't it amazing? Let me ask YOU a question...what have you ever done for yourself lately and what IS your passion?

Check out his trailer! then go check out BORED OF DIRECTIVES to watch ON THE BEAT AND PATH (YouTube it!)

That's Steve for you!

I will be travelling to Phonm Penh, Cambodia next month from the 4th to 10th June to do 1 thing. Well a few other things (which I shall not mention)..but our mission is:


Water, serenity, greenery, water animals, birds, insects, beautiful people, peace, culture, language. Let me sum it up with one word.


Yes, I will be residing in a beautiful jungle (in a beautiful villa). Imagine the creativity and inspiration we will get from just being there and how it would influence our creative process....

I went to the website of Bodhi Villa and the first thing I saw was:

"Beware, Bodhi Villa is the Hotel California of Cambodia, you never know when you're going to leave." - Some dude

How can I NOT get excited?
Check out my room! I stole this off their website.

I also forgot to mention that Azmyl Yunor & Vandal will ALSO be on this mission together with Gary Blanton (camera man/bassist) and Keyra (our travel photographer) and Steve Northcott ofcourse!!! 

Anyhow, stay tuned and follow me @NadhiraNishaa or us @Onthebeatandpath to see our travel updates!


The MoveMint 3rd Anniversary on Friday the 13th May 2011

Whats up from the corner of my apartment!!!

The MoveMint event turned out to be more successful than I thought it would be. There were so many things happening on the night from Rap battles, Beatbox, Live performances by Ras Muhammad , DJ Sarasa, Garuda who came down all the way from Singapore, Tatsuro, Illsteez!! and my homie Karmal finally released his EP "BANGKIT" . Congratulations again! This is the beginning of a loong journey ahead! Big ups bro.

Big ups to my favorite asian reggae ambassador Ras Muhammad who made it alll the way from Jakarta for our event! And he brought with him Daddy T whom he has a collaboration album with 'PROSA TINJU LIMA JARI' -- Go check him out yo! especially if you're a reggae music lover. If you bought his CD or managed to grab the FREE Cd's he was giving out -- I'm on track number 3 or 4? LOL Hillarious -- It's just a voice over ad.

So happy to see a lot of people that came down, and so proud of everyone supporting by paying a small entrace fee. It matters especially if you care about the movement, or any other events and organizers that are providing you a platform to release your inner most passion. So big ups to everyone who holds true to their passion and keeping it real and still trying to keep it alive in this CRAZY world we live in. For shizzles. <--- what does SHIZZLES mean Nadhira??? No idea.

Much respect and love goes out to The MoveMint & Vandal for hosting a wicked anniversary party. Seriously....tell me... who else throws events like these?

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO RENTAK SEJUTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you JUICE for the coverage on the event and basically there's alot of thank you's that need to go out. Much appreciation from The MoveMint team! Thank you to the sponsors! Soundbuzz, Obey, Krooks!  Thank you Milk Club.

Here's the before ......

Here's the after ........

Karmal on his "BANGKIT" set. Congrats bro!

Karmal and his boyfriend  Sona One singing Tahi lalalalalalalala lat

MOTION is the new Beat Meet Champion. Big ups yo.
He won a pair of headphones and an SE mic.
I am so jealous. Now he has new gears for his studio!

The Beat Boxers.
I have mad respect for beat boxers because they are super human.
I think BBoys are super humans too. They do things that not many other humans can do.
Much love and respect.

The Anniversary marks 1 year of my CD release "FROM MALAYSIA WITH LOVE".
I got new music coming your way I just don't wanna say too much right now
because I am super lazy and tired of my shameless promos. LOL. You'll hear it soon enough.

Ras Muhammad & DJ Sarasa
 I am super sorry that you have to tilt your head to see these images because from my small research that I did about a minute ago, Canon camera gives problems when uploading on blogger because blogger runs on HTML and bla bla bla and you CAN'T rotate it and la di da di da...... bla bla bla... So please... use your imagination and hope you don't strain your neck from tilting it sideways to see these photos! It's temporary ok!! New website is about 90% complete.

I'm a fan of The Rebel Scum, always have been. *singing THE LOST CHAMBER*

Wadddup girl. I am loving the zig zags on my head you created. Peace and Love! 
The Graffity battle.

Announcing the winner!

These guys are pro's. They did all this in less than 30 mins I THINK?

Congrats guys, every body did an amazing job. I'm all teary now. LOL

Gonna end this post with THE REBEL SCUM video


Much love and peace,
Nadhira with an H after the D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls help me get that right. And 'H' is NOT the last letter of my name. Thank you very much and have a lovely day.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

I had such an amazing experience doing the Miss Universe Malaysia 2011! It was in a mall!!! hahaha. I did a show with them on Saturday & Sundays!

2 sets with 2 songs in each -- I did 'You Got Me', 'Keep on Moving' & 'Feel That' feat. Vandal !
The staring peoplezz were just walking by...some waved, some smiled and some just stood there.. :)
Thank you so much Miss Universe Malaysia for letting me be part of it...it was fun.

I met miss Andrea Fonseka!! She was The Miss Universe Malaysia 2004. It's interesting that my job allows me to meet other celebrities who've made their mark in their own way...

I'm really sorry it's like this, I can't find the settings to rotate this photo!

Day #1

Day #2

Thanks to ma gyal miss DJ Sarasa all the way from Japan for snapping the photos! See -- I don't have a camera, well I do but I don't like to use it because the quality is not so good, looking for a new camera!!
Maybe a Canon, what do you reckon?

We also met miss Nadine Ann Thomas, winner of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010!!

Same problem!! Hope you can use your imagination... hehe.

So while I was looking for her link -- reading the articles about her, i just found out that she is also a hiphop DJ!! Explains the double ring on her left fingers. Dope. I wanna see her spin. I always told myself that if I ever become a DJ, I'd spin D&B, Dubstep, Reggae. I dig it way tooo much! haha...

Wanna know how you can catch DJ SARASA, MYSELF, and VANDAL 's LIVE performances again?

Come to The MoveMint 3rd anniversary this 13th May 2011!! There will be so many exciting things happening on the day -- check out the flyer to see what will take place...


Puma Social Finale

Last friday was the PUMA SOCIAL Finale Party and it was fun! All PUMA's celebrity friends came to play sports like foosball, pingpong -- and everyone's busy snapping away!

Well here are my moments during the event. All photo's are from Annie Aris.

With Annie Aris & DJ Anowl

"Keep on Moving"

DJ Anowl

Look out for my new Album, coming soon this 2011!!

This video was done by Bryan Lit  for Puma Malaysia.

The Chocolate Thief

In conjunction with the Traxx Upstage Goes Live event I performed at last week -- their official partner Aesthetics extended an Interview!

Found this online today!! Thank you Aesthetics for the support -- you now know my secret!

Taken from Aesthetics Online
Read online article here.

Nadhira The Chocolate Thief

Published 4 April 2011 By Editorial Team
Photo by Aqmal Hadi Shapee

AEST.MY reveals the type of chocolate Nadhira Nishaa could be bribed with and what you could win out of her.

Uh-Oh is Nadhira on the loose? Despite her weakness for chocolate, she tells us all about the music industry, what grosses her out and what she comes to fear the most.

Aest: Do you think it is difficult for artiste to be known or at least have a breakthrough in the music industry in Malaysia?
N: If you compare the music industry here to the US music industry, I’d have to say no, however…Malaysia has different markets to target and if you want to be ‘known’ and make more dosh than other artists, you should probably target the Malay market – they have a wider audience. As for the English market, it’s rather small and if you want to go international you have to start comparing yourself to the international market and see where you fit, because outside of Malaysia is where you will get most support from.

Aest: What was the challenge you faced when you first came around to Malaysia as an artist?
N: I’m not too sure but you could say one of it is opening up to strangers.

Aest: You were in a band called Amethyst (as well as other groups), was it difficult for you to transit from being part of a group member to being solo?
N: Yes and No – Yes for having to deal with pouring your heart out all ALONE on stage, No for being able to move about easily and grow faster in your craft. You represent you, not your band anymore

Aest: Tell us more about your personality as an artist as well as a person in general (are there any differences)?
N: My producer tells me I’m way serious in the studio – hope that’s not a bad thing! I just like getting my sh*t done so I can move on to the next task. Hehe. As a person, I think I’m pretty friendly, open and approachable.

Aest: Tell us are there any weird habits that annoy you?
N: People burping for fun, dirty fingernails, procrastinators, unpunctuality, cheaters – are these even WEIRD at all because it seems to be normal among Malaysians! Ha ha!

Aest: Do tell us about your love affair with chocolates; tell us how you came to love chocolates; any childhood memories?
N: I just LUURRRVEE chocolate. I love it so much that I probably should stop eating it! I can’t think of any childhood memories that don’t involve chocolates. Haha… chocolate chocolate chocolate! It’s great to have a bunch stocked up in the fridge, or hidden, so you’ll be surprised when you find it!

Aest: Were there times where pressure gets to you? What are the sources of it?
N: Oh yes, different sources for different types of pressure but one of it is if someone rushes me to get ready before going out – like if I felt like I wanted to look good and feel comfortable, but I only have 10 minutes to work with, then that’s pressure!! haha!

Aest: What do you do to de-stress yourself? More chocolates?
N: Sit back on the couch and eat sandwiches!! and laze around and do absolutely nothing!

Aest:  You’re a girl who needs chocolates; if you’re about to be bribed with chocolate, from any of us, what would we get?
N: Hahahaha! Probably an empty chocolate wrapper, or MAYBE a “From Malaysia with Love” CD but that also entirely depends on what type if chocolate you want to bribe me with. Hint hint, I love milky swiss chocolates!

Aest: Do you think you could make a career out of making chocolates? Do you see yourself as a chocolatier?
N: Now that you asked, YES – I can so see myself as a chocolatier. I would have so much fun making it, shaping it, flavoring it, packaging it…..but then again I also see myself as a jeweler, and a pottery sculpture, and a visual artist too!! I just love creating!

Aest: What do you fear the most? Why and how did you develop the phobia?
N: I still haven’t gotten over the fear of earthworms. As much as I would love to get into gardening, I’m not sure how possible that is. I can’t even stand the sight of it. It started out when I was really small in UK. There was a school field trip to the park. I’d lie down on the grass then I noticed I was on top of a lot of earthworms…everywhere I looked there were worms! It was like a season for the earthworms to be out and about! I also accidentally squished a few and saw the squished worm stuck on my jumper. It was HORRIBLE!

Aest: Could you tell us all about your toughest gig?
N: I’m not too sure – I think all gigs are tough!

Aest: What do we have to do to get a free CD out of you?
N: Let’s do barter trade! I’ll exchange it for you with a 10 Ringgit note! I’m sure you could afford that! ;)

Aest: You’ve been blogging; when could readers expect your site to be up?
N: Our aim is to have it up before June!

Aest: Do you think you could make a good writer?
N: I’m already a great writer! Just listen to my songs, I wrote them all. Do you need a ghost writer to launch your singing career? You know who to call!

Aest: Will we see you on the big screen someday?
N: I’m assuming you mean the Silver Screen? Hmmm… Who knows!

Aest: If you were ever caught in a scandal, what would it be?
N: One day when Cadbury’s distribution center is reported robbed, well, the scandal will surely arise when they find the trail of wrappers leading right to my door.

Aest: Do you think an artist could pour out emotions in a song to a certain extent only?
N: An artist is only limited to their own personal limitation, so if an artist is in touch with their inner-most emotions it will be felt through their song.

Aest: Why do you think songs with emotions appeal to listeners?
N: The listeners can usually relate to emotional songs, whether about love lost or love found. On that level we all can relate to songs about love.

Aest: Do you think you will be moving out of Malaysia in the future?
N: Right now, Malaysia is the safest and best place to live! If for some reason that changes, I’ll be on the next flight out!

Aest: Any albums out this year? How about new projects that you will be involve in?
N: I will be releasing my latest project with Indonesian Super Producer, Wizzow, mid 2011 and am really excited for my fans to hear what we have in store. I now extend an invitation to YOU (AEST.MY) to come to my launch!

Aest: Who would you like to work with?
N: You want me to be honest?! Ciara, Ne-Yo, Bob Marley, Siti Nurhaliza, Drake, Ronny Haryanto, T.I, Usher, Nicky Minaj, Timbaland, Pharell….. and the list goes on…..

Traxx Upstage Goes Live!

Last night didn't turn out like how I expected -- mainly because I was not in a good mood the whole day, but I ended up having fun! I have to say, that Kyoto Protocol totally rocked the house, I really enjoyed their performance! Wanted Symphony was also amazing...but sad to say that the sound quality for when Kraft and myself went on was terrible (we were running on minus1's)-- so whoever that was there...sorry you had to bare with me on the low sound quality. I was a bit annoyed in the beginning but later on I was like....'screw that! I'm gonna have fun!' so I just did my thing.
It is very frustrating for an artist to not be able to work with good sound, but to be expected to deliver wonders. Past is past. I'm gonna sleep on it.....

I really appreciate Traxx fm for having me on board and for supporting me, because I wouldn't have had as much fun yesterday if it wasn't for you! Thanks again...:)

Breeze Magazine Anniversary in Sabah!

Hey I just realized that this is post number 101! Hah!

I want to give big shout outs to Breeze Magazine for having me on Board at their 3rd Anniversary. I had so much fun and am honored to be part of it. Thank you. The whole team is amazing!!

One of the highlights for me is to catch Sabah local acts like The Jade Sisters, Alvin MY, Joanna Quintin & U.G.M!!!

With amazing Joanna Quintin!
Talking to the HITZ fm Sabah Crew! I love these 2 girls they are awesomely crazy!
Photo from: chuckythinks.blogspot.com
Photo from: chuckythinks.blogspot.com

 Photo by Adzrul Afni Kadri
Okay, so half way through the song my wig was slipping off...I guess it got a lil' too excited! so I just took em' off.
Photo from: chuckythinks.blogspot.com

Representing The MoveMint all the way from KL, West Malaysia was Vandal and Myself! We both rocked wigs and I think a lot of people were fooled by Vandal's thick black hair!

Vandal. The Undercover "Janitor"
Lately, we all know him with short, often shaved with just a few mm of hair on his head but once upon a time, little did you know........he used to have long hair.

Check this song out, one of my favorite tunes from this Nomadic Addict....
Observe the hairr......

Also, a big thank you to Suria FM Sabah for the Interview!

Love, Nadhira

Performing for BREEZE Magazine 3rd Anniversary in Sabah!

Sabah's famous lifestyle magazine BREEZE will be hosting their 3rd Anniversary this month and I will be performing in support of their movement together with Vandal.

Excited to see the other Sabah acts like THE JADE SISTERS and ALVIN MY.

Theme for the night is 'Secret Agent'........ hmmmm interested to see what everyone will show up in!!
I need a machine gun and grenades.He he!

Anyhow, I found this online today on MSN.

Nadhira & Wizzow getting their glow stick!

Ben, Vandal & Phat Phabes.
Nice tee Vandal! "The MoveMint" Want one? Contact us!

The Big Bank$ Theory

It kinda sucked that I couldn't stay until the event ended because I wanted to see everyone's performances! Vandal was the first act, followed by myself [Nadhira], then 5forty2 followed by WanD, then I had to rush off because there was a meeting and la di da di da...

Here's some photo's I stole off the organizer Xhizor Jbc

Giving away 1 FREE copy. "Who wants this come grab it!"

I just did 'Feel That' and 'Keep On Moving' and had to chooww

New music coming up soon, stay tuned with your gyal Nadhira.

Peace and Love.

What's going on??!?!?

It's been a while since I blogged and mainly it's because I have been lazy OR busy going places and attending different events.

You see, initially this blog was created due to boredom and I wanted to just create a space where I can showcase and talk about the "creative" things I have been doing musically. It was Jason's idea. And then in time, people started responding to my posts so i thought maybe i should just continue doing it...

lalalalalala then almost 2 years later (or maybe 1 and a half), i realized that i've created a 'portfolio' of a lot of my...so to say... 'creative work' and it all became serious...like...releasing my EP "From Malaysia With Love", gettings my songs played on the radio, getting interviews and write ups in the magazines/newspapers, having my music video on MTV and local tv stations, people were booking me for shows, i became a brand ambassador...etc....and fast forward to present time....

This blog will soon be GONE! not fully though because I will finally have a new proper website up...you shall see!!!

And on top of that I have a confession to make -- I been working on new tracks and I am DIGGINGGGG each and everyone of it...What I plan to do with this next project will remain a secret for now until everything is finalized. I surprise myself sometimes...

So after being back from Indonesia and Sabah, the first official event I "SANG" (if you call it singing)at was "Raising The Bar #3" - Hosted by our homey Jin Hackman.
We had amazing artists like KARMAL, Flow Artist, Shazet, Vandal, SSK, Boss Chan, KTM and on the decks was SKWARE-1 & Jocular.

There was the XXII tee's, LANSI caps, CD's from our local homebwoys...

So to sum it all up, It has been a great 2011 so far!
Wanna catch me in action again? Next week at The Big Bank$ Theory

Hope to catch you there...!

"Do It Again" on MTV Nusantara Hits

Much love to MTV for including my "Do It Again" music video on the list!

If you haven't seen it yet, this is the video!

CLIVE Interview

I was told today there was a Nadhira feature Interview in CLIVE last December 2010! Thank you CLIVE for the support and having me on, wish I came across this sooner! :)

Screen captured from CLIVE online


Nadhira Nishaa
Posted 30 December 2010 at 04:01AM by Bervin Cheong.

Tell us more about yourself.
I happen to be a Malaysian who did not grow up in Malaysia. I grew up in three countries – UK, Brunei and Indonesia, but I came back to Malaysia after completing my high school and I have been living here for seven years now. Living abroad is all about meeting the different people and getting to know the various cultures, and it has been a wonderful experience. I’ll never trade it for anything else.

How did you get started in the music industry?
I’ve always been really interested in music since young. I sang a lot and I’ve been recording my own stuff since I was a kid. Though I did get sidetracked as I grew up – I worked in advertising for a little while after college, I’m now seriously focusing on my music again. I’m doing it full time now.

What’s your brand of music like?
Experience wise, it has been a little crazy. I started off playing classical music on the piano – that was my first hands-on experience with music. Then I became more involved in rock, blues and jazz. Actually during my teenage years I was playing a lot of rock songs. I guess I have experienced making a lot of different types of music. My direction now? I would say more soul and R&B

What’s your musical inspiration?
Growing up, I listen to a lot of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Sheila Majid. In a way, those artistes have inspired me since I was very young to be really involved in music. Now I would probably say what inspires me most is what I go through in life, the people I meet and situations I come across. I take that stuff and transfer it to my music. You could say life inspires me.

What’s your fashion style like?
It has really evolved over time. My style five or ten years ago is different from what you see now. I used to really wear a lot of black. Yes, it made me feel really dark all the time and I got tired of it. So, I started wearing colors. Now I feel more like a rainbow and it makes me happy.

Do you think that fashion and music goes hand in hand?
Not for me. I don’t combine my music and my fashion style. I feel that its two separate things. I don’t change the way I dress because of my music. You know how when you’re younger you dress a certain way and as you get older your fashion changes? You change, your music changes, your fashion style changes. It happens separately. It’s part of how one’s life evolves I think.

Tell us about your experience being a PUMA ambassador and about filming for their Happy Hunting campaign.
Being a PUMA ambassador is awesome. It’s kind of odd seeing myself on a big poster though. Shooting the PUMA Happy Hunting video was fun but tiring. I had to arrive at the Gardens mall before all the shops were open. Then I and to run around as they filmed me. Definitely fun but really, really tiring.