Traxx Upstage Goes Live!

Last night didn't turn out like how I expected -- mainly because I was not in a good mood the whole day, but I ended up having fun! I have to say, that Kyoto Protocol totally rocked the house, I really enjoyed their performance! Wanted Symphony was also amazing...but sad to say that the sound quality for when Kraft and myself went on was terrible (we were running on minus1's)-- so whoever that was there...sorry you had to bare with me on the low sound quality. I was a bit annoyed in the beginning but later on I was like....'screw that! I'm gonna have fun!' so I just did my thing.
It is very frustrating for an artist to not be able to work with good sound, but to be expected to deliver wonders. Past is past. I'm gonna sleep on it.....

I really appreciate Traxx fm for having me on board and for supporting me, because I wouldn't have had as much fun yesterday if it wasn't for you! Thanks again...:)

Breeze Magazine Anniversary in Sabah!

Hey I just realized that this is post number 101! Hah!

I want to give big shout outs to Breeze Magazine for having me on Board at their 3rd Anniversary. I had so much fun and am honored to be part of it. Thank you. The whole team is amazing!!

One of the highlights for me is to catch Sabah local acts like The Jade Sisters, Alvin MY, Joanna Quintin & U.G.M!!!

With amazing Joanna Quintin!
Talking to the HITZ fm Sabah Crew! I love these 2 girls they are awesomely crazy!
Photo from:
Photo from:

 Photo by Adzrul Afni Kadri
Okay, so half way through the song my wig was slipping off...I guess it got a lil' too excited! so I just took em' off.
Photo from:

Representing The MoveMint all the way from KL, West Malaysia was Vandal and Myself! We both rocked wigs and I think a lot of people were fooled by Vandal's thick black hair!

Vandal. The Undercover "Janitor"
Lately, we all know him with short, often shaved with just a few mm of hair on his head but once upon a time, little did you know........he used to have long hair.

Check this song out, one of my favorite tunes from this Nomadic Addict....
Observe the hairr......

Also, a big thank you to Suria FM Sabah for the Interview!

Love, Nadhira

Performing for BREEZE Magazine 3rd Anniversary in Sabah!

Sabah's famous lifestyle magazine BREEZE will be hosting their 3rd Anniversary this month and I will be performing in support of their movement together with Vandal.

Excited to see the other Sabah acts like THE JADE SISTERS and ALVIN MY.

Theme for the night is 'Secret Agent'........ hmmmm interested to see what everyone will show up in!!
I need a machine gun and grenades.He he!

Anyhow, I found this online today on MSN.

Nadhira & Wizzow getting their glow stick!

Ben, Vandal & Phat Phabes.
Nice tee Vandal! "The MoveMint" Want one? Contact us!

The Big Bank$ Theory

It kinda sucked that I couldn't stay until the event ended because I wanted to see everyone's performances! Vandal was the first act, followed by myself [Nadhira], then 5forty2 followed by WanD, then I had to rush off because there was a meeting and la di da di da...

Here's some photo's I stole off the organizer Xhizor Jbc

Giving away 1 FREE copy. "Who wants this come grab it!"

I just did 'Feel That' and 'Keep On Moving' and had to chooww

New music coming up soon, stay tuned with your gyal Nadhira.

Peace and Love.