Battery recharge needed

What's new? Nothing much.
Living a spliffin' life filled with adventurous rides and rollercoasters...haven't found the 'modjo' yet. All I know is that I look forward everyday to spending my January in my old home town - as i like to call it... Jakarta!!
Again, tryna find that 'modjo' but I'm sure once I'm in it, it will be something else. I think I feel this way because it's December therefore I feel like I have a reason to feel like I need to get re-charged. Man, do I even know what I'm talking about?It's like...I almost need to be in love with the music in order for me to spark that fire. Do you know??

Just dropping something random - I will get more done that's for sure...this is just a crapola teaser!

xx Love, Nadhira

On the run, again! Hunt me if you dare!!

I know I know, everytime I post something new up I whine about what a crazy week I've had...and I am NOT kidding you. It has been a crazzzzyyyy long week. I must say that December has been the busiest and most productive month in my life. So many events, so many people, lots of smiles and photo taking, and most importantly someone just got hitched...!! ;)

*Hums* if you like it then you better put a ring on it.. woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!! 

Since I'm on the constant run and always on the road (in traffic!!!) ... I'd like to see you try get a piece of me..
To find out more on how you can, just go to PUMA's facebook! 


I've been hunted!

Friday - We drove up to Penang. I had such an amazing weekend performing for 7aste - Mild Seven. Satisfied that I managed to eat at my favorite penang spot in Gurney Drive at the hawkers stalls! Didn't get to snap any decent photo's to put up!

Saturday - The next day I went to Ipoh Sunway Lagoon for DVJ G Mix's set with Vandal. A group from Taiwan (I think!) by the name of Y2J came down to perform. They really had their massive chinese crowd singing along to their tunes!
I didn't understand a single word.

I have to admit though, I really love how scenic Ipoh is. I love all the mountains around that city it's beautiful! And I feel this way every single time I go there.

I bumped into my old friends which I haven't seen for over 2 years in a cave at the lagoon as I was walking to the toilet.
Took this off google. Can u Imagine a gig in a cave?
(I heard people growling in the cave) They were there for a metal gig called 'HITAM HITAM DALAM GUA'. hahahha how random is that? It was a Necrotic Chaos reunion with Wira back from Japan. Happy to have 'accidentally' bumped into the Ipoh metal militants! What a day I tell you.

Sunday - Drove back down to KL and headed straight to watch ABL (Asian Basketball League).
KL Dragons vs. Slammers (from Thailand). Apparently Slammers were on top and leading this season's ABL however, they did not SLAM as much. KL Dragons led the game and won, again! - I realized that the KL Dragons soundtrack is by Rogue Squadron...nice one guys..!

Overall - I missed the PUMA event that happened at Ecoba last Friday! I saw an awesome video footage of Wakaka Bboy crew performing. I was supposed to be there but hey!! there's only 1 of me.

And I've been hunted! Check the photo out here. Congratulations guys!

Happening this 10th December.

First and foremost, I want to apologize for not being able to make an appearance at the PUMA party at ECOBA, Damansara Perdana, however, there's a surprise video for you on that day if you attend it! If only I could be in two places at once!

I have another event that's happening in Penang where will be doing 2 sets of performances with backup dancers for 7aste Mild Seven. I've yet to do a Penang crowd on a Friday night, so I am really looking forward to it.

My next 7aste Mild Seven event will be held on the 17th at ECOBA, Damansara Perdana - (Same location as the PUMA one this Friday) 

PUMA 'Happy Hunting' Campaign Launch,
Either way, It would rock to see you there at any one of my events! 
Have a great weekend people... 

I'm gonna go hide out, come find me if you dare win some cool PUMA gears!

Signing off with two loves, Nadhira

Things and the fashion show

Whattsss guuudd...!

I told myself to stop trying to make the house spotless and give a bit of my attention to update this! So far, I'm loving my new place (in Puchong), lots of greenery, which I love! and so many different types of shops, restaurants that I can access in the new neighborhood. It's so peaceful  and my room overlooks a big field and a 'bukit'. I DO miss my old place at Damansara Perdana (Simply because I was on the 1st floor with a balcony view of a really nice swimming pool) but that place is turning into a concrete jungle...which am not really that interested in....

I'm so so so so excited to get my home studio set up so I can start working on the millions of songs that has been buried in that folder on my desktop for months!! It's time to let it out people... just wait for that...

Anyhow, last Tuesday I attended the PUMA campaign launch for 'HAPPY HUNTING'. I had a good time, the launch was fantastic, and the food was awesome. I had a good time 'shopping' for my 2011 gears. Bittersweet, Rina Omar & Vandal was there at the event too so you can ask them how much fun they had!! ;)

Here are some photo's from the event.

The women collection
Women and Men 2011 collection
I heard that there's some people hunting me down for my cool gears. I think I'm going to run and hide cos' it's freaking the sh*ts outta me! Goodluck on trying to find me, seriously! You have to watch this space or you can go to PUMA's facebook to see what's reeeeaaaallllyyyy happening...

Peace & Two Loves, Nadhira

Overwhelmed!!! It's almost 2011!! Yikes...

Para Salute!!!!!! "How time flies and pass by surprise" - Cypress Hill

I am overwhelmed by a mega load of things coming my way. So many things happened and will be happening next month! Events, shifting homes, the tying of that 'knot', family, events, events etc etc etc!! blarrgh!

I will be performing at both TA5TE (Mild Seven) events in Penang (10th) & KL (17th). Interesting stuff.

"So get the money n*gg*!! " Cypress Hill.
I'm quoting it so that you won't think it came from me!

Peace & Love, Nadhira

Happening at KL Krash Pad!

We'll be doing a little something something tomorrow for the kids at KL Krash Pads. I got so many clothes to bring for the girls and boys...they would love it! Thanks Ash & Joe for making the donation!
I do feel guilty for not being able to go for the past 3 weeks. There's just been too many things happening every other Sunday.

Some of the peoples/artists that will be taking part are:
  • Pesawat
  • Vandal
  • Raja Nas
  • White Percussion Unit
  • Nadhira
  • Sky
  • The Pips

 Can't wait to see the kids!

The MoveMint package

Big ups to my Canadian Fam  Ooloo all the way from Toronto who finally received The MoveMint package with a few CD's!
Bro's sorry I missed out a tee or two for you!   

Sweeeet, I love sending and receiving parcels, snail mails... always been a nail mailer however due to the internet these days....snail mails don't happen so often anymore!


Moving on, I'll be performing at Prince Hotel tomorrow night with 6 dancers helpin' me out on the side! Never have I had to do a little something for LAWYERS! It's for the KL BAR Council Annual Dinner & Dance.

It's an INVITE only. Strictly for lawyers.
Peace & Two loves.

'You Got Me' premier on

A recap of my activities a few days ago:

Thursday: I took a bus out of KL first thing Thursday morning (4 Nov 2010) and arrived at Singapore 5 hours later. We just wandered around town looking at studio equitments and electronics.

Friday: I had a great time performing at the "GoodTimes" event. The crowd showed mad love and support and I kicked it alongside 4 other DJ's. I love that part of Singapore especially the lanes around Bali Lane and Haji Lane. Rare concept shops selling all sorts of things, antique wares, books, new trend 'lapsap' fashion stuff, music, etc...  Bumped into Ion there so we kicked it with his buddy. I was hoping that I had time to meet up with my friends there. Stayed up all night incase i would oversleep and miss the bus the next day.

Saturday: Took the first bus out of Singapore and back to KL. Back to apartment hunting!  and REST!!

Sunday: Nadhira enters the MET10 chart as a newbie for the week with song 'YOU GOT ME' Listen or Buy here.

*Catch the radio interview from 4-5pm!!


In support of Nadhira, check this and enjoy

Peace & Love, Nadhira

Ooloo coming near yooou

Ooloo clothing (invented for ingenious individual). Just launched their 2nd generation tee's "Gen. 2: Dream.Life" edition.

I dig the tagline. 
'invented for ingenious individual'
So the question is, ARE YOU?

These 3 designs are among my favorites.

I'm diggin' my ooloo, are you?

Get your own dude!

"From Malaysia With Love" in Lion City

NADHIRA "From Malaysia With Love" The Intimate Launch

Another day, another dollar. Or should I say ringgit? HEH

We are launching "From Malaysia With Love" in Singapore at Blue Jazz cafe. Bali Lane/Haji Lane and those lanes around that are have interesting concept shops...

I'll be up alongside DJ Motif, DJ Matty Wainwright, DJ Lihkin and apparently a "DJ" Vandal. :)

Nothing could be more kick ass for me at this point of time than to perform for a different crowd. It'll be a fun one. Singapore, see you this weekend!

Peace & Love, Moi

Moving on....

I am going through a major shift in my life in terms of musical & spiritual growth that allows me not to only understand humans better, but to also be fully conscious of the things that are happening around me. The realization of this consciousness helps you accept the level of success you have achieved at this point in your life. I feel so blessed to have had so many people help me along the way, whether in the form of contributing their time, energy, their mind and knowledge, and sincerely being there for me even though I was not at my best.

Moving on, I am working on my next music project as steps have been taken to further execute my vision. And while I'm at it, I will cut this short.
Here's a video my friends in Columbia worked on recently, enjoy.


FLY Club Access

The drilling upstairs is KILLING me. The people upstairs have been renovating their home for months already I honestly think they are trying to build a club in their home or something...

Good news on top of the bad, it's happening again this SATURDAY! I will be having a mini Nadhira showcase at MILK. All info is as per the flyer I've attached. It would be lovely to see you there..."From Malaysia With Love" will also be on sale that night for only RM10 ;) 

Last but not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank FLY FM for hosting such an event and having me on board for the 2nd time. I always appreciate! ;0) Much love to you guys.

Peace & Love, Nadhira

Aaahhhhh the drilling finally stopped, but I have no doubt that it will continue in the next 10 minutes.

Mad week!

Dear blog. I am super sorry for not keeping things up to date. For the past week and a half, my life has been filled with madness but positive ones!

My elder sister just got hitched which is good news, the wedding was lovely though I made a fool out of myself by dancing Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' with my cousins as a surprise for my sister. I also sang her favorite song from Hercules 'I won't say I'm in love'. Her wedding team did a good job with everything. If only I had picture to put up. The bad news is that aunties and uncles was asking 'when is my turn'?. Can I just say that that is the worst question you could ever get. However, it was I guess I'll just let it go in one ear and out the other...perhaps when I go to a funeral I should ask them the same question, no?? lol. Jokes. I got that from someone.

On top of all the wedding events (3 to be exact), last Friday was the PUMA ARCHIVE UNCOVERED PARTY. I had fun. Floor Fever backed me up so big ups and mad love to you guys. And Vandal, always there to back me up and even be my Ludacris, big ups.

Last but not least, I am diggin' my 'LANSI' cap. Thanks Schizzow

Photo by Najib Nasaruddin
Nadhira wants to kill Vandal and shove the shoe up his ***
Photo taken from PUMA MALAYSIA

Floor Fever & Nadhira
Photo taken from PUMA MALAYSIA

Peace & Love, your local gangsta princess at heart, Nadhira.

WHY AM I WORKING? by Lloyd Luna

Over the last couple of months, I did a lot of self motivation work and attended talks by International  motivational speakers who are successful in what they do. The seminars were held by Guerrilla Entrepreneurs.

One of the speakers I met during the G.E Series was Lloyd Luna, all the way from the Philippines. He is also an author who just released a new book titled 'WHY AM I WORKING?'.

 "Understanding the meaning of what you do so you'll never hate your job (or boss) again"

Earlier on today while I was chatting with him on Gmail! He showed me the book.

A snippet of his write up about the book:

"Our goal here is to understand the real meaning of what we do so we can liberate ourselves from anxiety, from pain, and from frustration due to our poor understanding of our job or of our work. Without expanding our thinking on this very important matter, our limited knowledge can do us more harm than good."

So if you're confused about what your goal or purpose is in your career, maybe it's cool you can check Lloyd Luna's books! He even offers FREE seminars online!

The Brollies

Nadhira at Brollies.

I personally like the brollies because they have really cool antique looking pieces of jewelry, :) I like antique.

Besides that they have quite a number of new pieces that look like "Tetris" designs.




So... thought about it yet? I think it's worth it.  :)

The Brollies are located in ss15, Subang Jaya. You can find out more about it in this 8tv footage with The Brollies!

How to get access to the PUMA event!

How to get FREE passes to the event!

Step: 1 - Send an email to titled "PUMA ARCHIVE UNCOVERED"
Step: 2 - Answer, what song is Nadhira's 1st official music video single?
Step: 3 - SEND!

There's a limited amount so hurry!

Peace & Love, Nadhira

PUMA Archive Uncovered Event

18 Jln Liku, Off Jln. Riong, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur, MY 59100

What is Archive?
PUMA Archive is a commemoration of storied style. The most notorious models were designed at
memorable junctions in time. Each is a reaction to an athlete who brilliantly synced the space between
sport and style— plus an artist whose patterns never cease to play hard.

From the burgeoning skateboarding scene in the 70’s, the break-dancing and hip—hop revolution of the
80’s, to the 90’s when sport and fashion became interchangeable, PUMA Archive demonstrates how
PUMA was at the forefront of shaping and defining so many cultural movements.

PUMA Archive respectfully re-issues these cult classics as well as creating new designs that break all the
molds. PUMA Archive products come with stories and roots that situate them in a grander game—they’re
style with significant substance. Some of these models you will know all to well are the Suede and Clyde.

Music by:
  • Bittersweet
  • Nadhira
  • Car Crash Hearts
  • DJ Anowl

READ about it on!

Island Escape

It was a last minute decision made on Sunday. We left on Tuesday and came back on Friday... I had to run off do my usual getaway thing. I hung out at my fav. spot in Peninsular Malaysia - The East Coast, Perhentian Island.

It was ultimate chill.

My oxygen tank
Me and Sharon about to go down

Mi was like "Watch do it!"

Jeff showing off the fish I didn't catch! I don't think I have the patience anyways..
Joe, Jeff & Jason (What the J??)
One of my best buddy (Sharon) from way way way way back in time.
Joe eating Burger Ramli in Bart's TRANSFORMERS boat! LOL many flights of stairs did I climb to get up here Sharon?

Me and PUMA?

Funny story. A real one... 

I was over at Pavilion for the MASiF 2010 event. The stage and sound was nice. I always enjoy the big sound system booooming madness, makes me feel like I could sing my heart out....

Anyways.... So then I was just strolling around the mall looking for food and drinks, then up escalator looking at random stuff. I decided to go into the PUMA store to look at some of their items I wanted to get for myself...I saw some really cool jackets, shoes and bags for women.

So...after I walked out of the store I turned around and saw THIS!

I was like... "really?"

Nooooo wayyyy

The original picture.
Yeah, yaa'll probably wondering whether I can scratch or not huh? lol....That's for me to know and for you to find out...I can tell ya I'm no DJ tho! ;)

Watch this space for more updates on PUMA events. I'll be doing a live set for the campaign launch...
Stay tuned!!


MASiF 2010

You know I love the big stage, pumpin' sounds, lights and action right? The show I did for MASiF 2010 was great, I had a good time. I'm not sure about you guys though. However, I was a bit upset at how my 20 minute set got cut to a 6 minute set. It is frustrating for an artist to not have accomplished a planned mission. I guess big events tend to overdose on artists, worrying that there wouldn't be enough performances to fill in the silent gaps, apparently, almost everyone got cut...

However, I went up there and did my thing. So a big thank you to the event organizers for having THE MOVEMINT represent everyday from Wednesday to Sunday! Shout outs to Vandal for handling all this for the kids. If it weren't for you...we wouldn't have known artists like Kraft, Sona One, Jin Hackman, SSK, Myself, (drop me more names and I'll add onto the list!) If you're interested, you can listen to more of the local hip hop stuff on MY FLOW .

And not to forget, hollering to the newly emerged beatboxers in Malaysia. They all grew out of no where and just appeared one day... :) Bless! I think the "entertainment" industry should pay a closer attention to the independent scene. We got REAL talent out here.

Also, salute to Malaysian Hip Hop blog. The online tabloid... hehe!

Singing "Feel That" feat. Vandal
You can listen to the tunes on this site or go here

Check out more photo here.

Fairness in all dealings, with love and peace...

2 shows this 17th!! and more to come...It's been a busy month!

I been real busy over the past couple of weeks, last week especially since it was nearing Eid...I spent the whole weekend with non other but the family, took a drive down to Negeri Sembilan, where my parents are originally from, we convoyed with 5 cars. It was fun. We ate Ketupat, Lemangs and Rendangs the whole time!
Taken from here!
Picture taken from here
For my friends who are NOT from Malaysia and have never seen these type of food, I tell's something can only experience it here. Don't believe me? Ask Vandal.

Moving on......
I got 2 shows this 17th. The first one would be for MASiF 2010

I got this off their site:-
In conjunction with Malaysia Day, a special celebration will be held, incorporating music, fashion, lifestyle, and art. Live music from local favourites Anuar Zin, Jaclyn Victor, Azlan & The Typewriter, and The Aseana Percussion Unit. Songbird and chairperson of MASiF Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim will also be performing. Tom Abang Saufi and Hatta Dolmat's designs are among the fashion pieces that will be on display, while visual artists Harris Ribut and Ismail Baba, and graffiti artists, will be wowing the audience. -

2nd show for the night will be at PALATE PALETTE for the official launch of ARTAM .

Head on over to their site to find out what it's all about. Big ups to my music brother KING LHOTA for putting all of this together. 

Come by if you wanna grab some of "From Malaysia With Love" CD's. It is among the CD's that is worth more than your RM15 :)

I wanna give big shoutouts to Ooloo Clothing all the way from my latest favorite city of Toronto, Canada. They are shipping some of their tee's over to Malaysia. If any of ya'll are interested in their tee designs head on over to their site to order. They got new designs coming up..!

My fav. girl MASIA ONE is reppin' Ooloo too. Rumour has it that she's coming down KL again end of this year! Follow her to keep up people!

Bless and Love, Nadhira