TYGS#12 was one of the best TYGS ever! Simply because it was different coz this time the beats were done by the beatboxers and the rappers freestyle over whatever random beat the beatboxer decides to do...Also, the acts were pretty random, if i'm not mistaken it's the first time someone does a raggae track on TYGS, since the whole thing revolves around 'hip-hop' music.
I enjoyed SSK, i like SSK to be honest. Funny! Witty and sarcastic -- totally rap pasar kampung pandan! :) It's fun rap and very the 'Melayu'. Loved it!
Had a good time with King Lhota, performed my new 'BREAKING-UP' live for the first time, and not to forget...our 'Konvict Souljah'.

Also, just something i want to share...i went by to the orphanage home (ASDAF) earlier this evening in quest of searching for the 'perfect' 'orang asli' talent for one of the ads i was working on...I hung out with the kids, and it brought so much joy to me seeing them happy with the glow in their eyes, having an outsider come for a visit and looking for the one that will feature in a newspaper ad! They were happy and i was happy talking to them, seeing them...knowing that they've been in that home their whole life. I didn't manage to visit the girls dorm but did meet some of them, very sweet young ladies. It also brought sadness to my heart as it reminded me to always be thankful and blessed for the good things i have in life, a wonderful family. Ok that's all! :)

World March for Peace and Non Violence

There was an event for this held last Saturday on 10th October 2009. I didn't stay until the end of the night so i didn't get to march for this, however it was an honor to be able to take part by performing 2 of my own tracks.

Respect to the 5 NGO's: NurSalam, The Women's Aid Organization, Voice of the Children, SPCA and the Restaurant Group Maxim Image for giving birth to a CULTURAL STREET FESTIVAL to celebrate and create consciousness! Really radical, positive and real. :)


Konvict Souljah Music Video.

It's finally out.
Check out. Music is unmixed and this is NOT final. :) Big ups to PARTYNIZER, KING LHOTA and all the crew on the set.