Don't Wanna Wait track

Friends and felloowww buddies have asked me where they can listen to 'Don't Wanna Wait' track online which was out on 'Her...compilation' done by Laguna Records.

CD's are sold in stores you can find it at 'Rock Corner' and a few other stores which I'm not sure of but i will update the blog on this.

You can help support me by downloading the ringtone onto your phone OR if you want the real track you can purchase it on itunes for only USD$ 0.99 Come on guys... :) I would appreciate the help SO much..
This is my first track sold online so you know.... the FIRST always mean the most! (sorry but i've been watching too much 'How i met your mother').

But i know before anyone buys it you're going to have to listen to it right?
So i got it on youtube for those that are interested to just...LISTEN... :)

The members who helped me make this possible are my extended family and a big applause to Jerry Felix for letting me drag him to the studio for this! ( I love you uncle!), and his great son who helped me compose this tune and being the real story i tell in my music (I love you too Kevin boy), and Aaron who played the lead guitar and solo and bass! (Aaron is Kevin's cousin. I love you tooo A! I saw you and CrizCroz in the papers last weekend! Congrats on the CD release!)   Ahhh........... i love the Felix's and the Biggs. :)

Wait! one more! How can i forget.... AQMAL aka MORPHEUSE. He was the amazing photographer behind the camera who i waited with for aeroplanes to pass just so we can get this shot!

Here is the original photo :)

Please check out his work here because he is super duper cool :)

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yay! go ira! =D