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It has been a while since I last posted something on the blog. I've been receiving many positive feedbacks and downloads for 'Breaking Up'.
Besides that THE MOVEMINT is doing a remix competition. If you are interested to take part you can find out more about it on the FACEBOOK event page.

There has been rumors that I am in the midst of planning a video clip for one of my tracks.
True or False?


The video is for 'Breaking Up'.
True or False?

hahahahaha... I wish I could say TRUE!

I don't wanna mention anything more except that I am excited about it. I hope it turns out great...
Global City Music represent :D

We had the CYPHER SUNDAZE event last weekend. I think it was the busiest CYPHER SUNDAZE we've ever had. The Jerk Chicken sold out... AGAIN. Besides that, there was 3 couples making out in the middle of event venue. They were all lined up and it was going on for hourss....literally! Now you don't see alot of that around here. Ha! Ha!

Do check out THE MOVEMINT for the hottest happenings around the GLOBE.

Peace and Love.

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