Fly FM radio Interview

Today was the radio interview with Fly FM. It was my first radio interview and I tell you it's fun as hell mainly because Hunny Madu was the one who interviewed me...she makes situations fun with her big laugh!
...I was happy with the questions she asked. Not the typical..."sooo when did you start"..."when did you get into music"'s alll goood... :)

So, do tune into FLY FM this Sunday from 7-8pm for not so interesting details. hahaha sorry I tend to bash myself coz i get a kick out of it. Yes, i get a kick out of making fun of myself. Sorry for being your next door dork. That sounds weird.

I will post up the session once i have time to put the clips together. In the meantime...continue to SUPPORT! *sorry Hunny, i said SUPPORT again for the 100th time today! I don't mean to keep saying SUPPORT, but ya, thanks for the SUPPORT!*

Peace and love, Nadhira

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