This is the UN-EDITED version of the MALAYSIAN TODAY Interview. I don't understand why sometimes your words and what you want to say get cut off. It's artist tells you she loves BANANA's but the media goes and change it to MANGO instead.

Tell the people a little about you and what you're working on now...
My name is Nadhira, I have a weird fascination for candles and I LOVE chocolate. Right now I’m busy working on tracks that I plan to use for my first CD release while planning a video shoot, and not to forget looking out for the right people to work with and make them part of the team :D

What are the challenges Malaysian artists face to break-out internationally?
Probably expressing themselves in an acceptable manner and to be accepted for being ‘safe’. In Malaysia, it is all about catering to the Malay market. That is the only way to live-off your music. This country is small and no one really goes to an extreme to do something no one has ever done that will give them a break through. Zee Avi is the first young-indie artist that made a break though internationally, you have to be different to be noticed. Creating is easy, but to deliver and be at par with the international standards is another thing.

What songs are you enjoying at the moment?
I am listening to a lot of AYO these days. She’s an afro-german singer songwriter. Writes from the heart and speaks through her soul. I feel her music. You should check out her album JOYFUL.

Here's the original newspaper clipping....

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