Ooops!! Decided to extend my stay in Canada!

I'm finally done with the tours, had a blast met so many wonderful people!

During this trip, I can't even count how many times I got on the Ferry. From Salt Spring to Vancouver to Salt Spring to Van Island to Salt Spring to Vancouver and times that by a thousand.  I don’t know if I like the East Coast better or the West Coast. I could always like both. I met so many artists on this trip. Seems like every other person walking down the road is!  Moka Only, Elaine, Narai, MannameWHO, Shamik Dynamik (The awesomest beat boxer in the WORLD!! The WORLD!!!) …and I think I’ll stop here only because there’s way too many to name and I suck because I forgot.

Vandal recorded a track with Moka Only and hoped I would jump on the track too but instead I slept because I was ngantuk! (Sleepy).

I also took time off from the travel to go spend a day with Laurie in Victoria, Vancouver Island!! My highschool buddy back when I was in JIS (Jakarta International School). We went to go watch SHAD perform in town... He’s  getting HOT here in Canada. Check him out..!

Me and my girl Laurissa Caines kickin' it like know how we roll..

I am so glad to be able to take time off for the tour because sometimes it takes you to get out of your comfort zone to get re-charged and inspired, internally...

I wanna thank all the good people that I met out here -- hope to build new friendships, collaborate artistically, and help one another...

Stay strong and focused! Nadhira

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