LIVE in Kentizen, Vancouver!

The show we did for MABC (Malaysian Association of British Columbia) was fun. I’ve never done a dinner event before so that was my first…It was an intimate setting, I had a good time I don’t know about you... 4x3 played and Vandal performed too. He did some raps in Malay so the elderly crowd was like ‘yay!!’ and showing their thumbs up and some even clapped… So I thought that was hilarious…I’m sure they had a good time seeing a mat salleh talk and rap in Malay. Going there and representing Malaysia actually felt like home...thanks to MABC for organizing the event and managing to slot us in the schedule. Appreciate every second of it..

4x3 Invited me to sing a song with them. I messed up because I forgot the lyrics. What else is new...!

I also met Mr. Haris Vice President for Tourism Malaysia in British Columbia. He bought a copy of my CD and got me to sign it…hehe…he will be transferring back to Malaysia soon…so we just had a little chat about how I did some work for Tourism Malaysia back when I was doing Advertising.

This is out of the topic but I REALLY want to thank Andrew from Fattire Photography and Maureen for bringing me BELACAN because I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Island or the stores I tried to find it in. He knew where the Asian market was so he got it there for me. He got me Cili Kering (Dried Chillies) too!!! How sweet.

Q: WHY was I looking for BELACAN?
A: Because there will be German’s coming over to the house for dinner and I want to cook a Malaysian meal.

Q: What will I be cooking?
 A: My delicious chicken curry with my famous Sambal Belacan (Shrimp paste and Chilli). Meal is to be served with rice.

The two dish combination is just WIC to the KED! Jason will be making his famous Sayur (vegetables), maybe Spinach, using his favorite Sesame Oil. Thinking about it is making my mouth water I should probably stop!


                                Image by this.

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