MASiF 2010

You know I love the big stage, pumpin' sounds, lights and action right? The show I did for MASiF 2010 was great, I had a good time. I'm not sure about you guys though. However, I was a bit upset at how my 20 minute set got cut to a 6 minute set. It is frustrating for an artist to not have accomplished a planned mission. I guess big events tend to overdose on artists, worrying that there wouldn't be enough performances to fill in the silent gaps, apparently, almost everyone got cut...

However, I went up there and did my thing. So a big thank you to the event organizers for having THE MOVEMINT represent everyday from Wednesday to Sunday! Shout outs to Vandal for handling all this for the kids. If it weren't for you...we wouldn't have known artists like Kraft, Sona One, Jin Hackman, SSK, Myself, (drop me more names and I'll add onto the list!) If you're interested, you can listen to more of the local hip hop stuff on MY FLOW .

And not to forget, hollering to the newly emerged beatboxers in Malaysia. They all grew out of no where and just appeared one day... :) Bless! I think the "entertainment" industry should pay a closer attention to the independent scene. We got REAL talent out here.

Also, salute to Malaysian Hip Hop blog. The online tabloid... hehe!

Singing "Feel That" feat. Vandal
You can listen to the tunes on this site or go here

Check out more photo here.

Fairness in all dealings, with love and peace...

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