2 shows this 17th!! and more to come...It's been a busy month!

I been real busy over the past couple of weeks, last week especially since it was nearing Eid...I spent the whole weekend with non other but the family, took a drive down to Negeri Sembilan, where my parents are originally from, we convoyed with 5 cars. It was fun. We ate Ketupat, Lemangs and Rendangs the whole time!
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For my friends who are NOT from Malaysia and have never seen these type of food, I tell ya...it's something else...you can only experience it here. Don't believe me? Ask Vandal.

Moving on......
I got 2 shows this 17th. The first one would be for MASiF 2010

I got this off their site:-
In conjunction with Malaysia Day, a special celebration will be held, incorporating music, fashion, lifestyle, and art. Live music from local favourites Anuar Zin, Jaclyn Victor, Azlan & The Typewriter, and The Aseana Percussion Unit. Songbird and chairperson of MASiF Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim will also be performing. Tom Abang Saufi and Hatta Dolmat's designs are among the fashion pieces that will be on display, while visual artists Harris Ribut and Ismail Baba, and graffiti artists, will be wowing the audience. -

2nd show for the night will be at PALATE PALETTE for the official launch of ARTAM .

Head on over to their site to find out what it's all about. Big ups to my music brother KING LHOTA for putting all of this together. 

Come by if you wanna grab some of "From Malaysia With Love" CD's. It is among the CD's that is worth more than your RM15 :)

I wanna give big shoutouts to Ooloo Clothing all the way from my latest favorite city of Toronto, Canada. They are shipping some of their tee's over to Malaysia. If any of ya'll are interested in their tee designs head on over to their site to order. They got new designs coming up..!

My fav. girl MASIA ONE is reppin' Ooloo too. Rumour has it that she's coming down KL again end of this year! Follow her to keep up people!

Bless and Love, Nadhira

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