'You Got Me' premier on Hitz.fm

A recap of my activities a few days ago:

Thursday: I took a bus out of KL first thing Thursday morning (4 Nov 2010) and arrived at Singapore 5 hours later. We just wandered around town looking at studio equitments and electronics.

Friday: I had a great time performing at the "GoodTimes" event. The crowd showed mad love and support and I kicked it alongside 4 other DJ's. I love that part of Singapore especially the lanes around Bali Lane and Haji Lane. Rare concept shops selling all sorts of things, antique wares, books, new trend 'lapsap' fashion stuff, music, etc...  Bumped into Ion there so we kicked it with his buddy. I was hoping that I had time to meet up with my friends there. Stayed up all night incase i would oversleep and miss the bus the next day.

Saturday: Took the first bus out of Singapore and back to KL. Back to apartment hunting!  and REST!!

Sunday: Nadhira enters the Hitz.fm MET10 chart as a newbie for the week with song 'YOU GOT ME' Listen or Buy here.

*Catch the radio interview from 4-5pm!!

Thanks Hitz.fm!

In support of Nadhira, check this and enjoy

Peace & Love, Nadhira

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