Overwhelmed!!! It's almost 2011!! Yikes...

Para Salute!!!!!! "How time flies and pass by surprise" - Cypress Hill

I am overwhelmed by a mega load of things coming my way. So many things happened and will be happening next month! Events, shifting homes, the tying of that 'knot', family, events, events etc etc etc!! blarrgh!

I will be performing at both TA5TE (Mild Seven) events in Penang (10th) & KL (17th). Interesting stuff.

"So get the money n*gg*!! " Cypress Hill.
I'm quoting it so that you won't think it came from me!

Peace & Love, Nadhira

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anies said...

hi,can i know how can i get a ticket for event puma at ECOBA on 17th December 2010?