What"s going on blog!! I haven't visited you in a while coz I've been away in Indonesia working on new chuunes.
I had such an amazing time in Jakarta seeing my old school mates, music friends and just completely immersing myself in getting creative and inspired.

JIS mate Grace Astari.
I don't know but the Jakarta vibe tends to take out a lot from me. Throughout the whole time, i was working from a home studio at Ras Muhammad's. Anyhow, me being the psycho perfectionist that i am, will not drop any new tunes online or radio until everything is ready with the mixing and mastering. Be sure to hear some amazing new stuff from me! I'm excited!

It was 7am - 2am of work every single day/night

So I'm back now, and i'm back to getting  more shows booked and pushing my "From Malaysia With Love" CD. STILL haven't grabbed one yet? geeez what in the world are you waiting for? hehehe...... you can find it at +wondermilk's front counter :) Grab grab!

Ok, I thought I was going to blog longer but I have to rush for an event right now. I'm gonna update more on Monday! :)

Much love from me, for now......

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