HAPPY 2011!!


You know that people say 'how you spend your new years is how the rest of your year will turn out'? Ever heard of that saying? Not sure if I believe it but this was how I spent my new years. At a Mauy Thai event watching bunch of guys kick eachother's ass. What a kick watching them fight! Did I mention that it was live on TV Channel AXN and ASTRO ARENA?

Day 1 performances were Atilia followed by Poova.
Day 2 performances were Nadhira followed by Senoritas

*Thank you Rentak Sejuta for the photos!

Photo: Rentak Sejuta

Photo: Rentak Sejuta

Photo: runwitme.blogspot.com

Photo: runwitme.blogspot.com

It DOES take a lot of nerves to step out there and sing in front of strangers I tell you! Wish I had more backup support backstage!!! Booohoo :( Psychological stuff....
Overall, it was a fun night, laid back...not too much drama THANK GOD I was not surrounded by drunken children that spit in your face when talking to you... hehe...

May this year of 2011 be filled with the fruits of life, happiness, prosperity, growth in all aspects of life and more positivity than ever.

Peace and love,

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Dominic said...

Nadhira! You kick ass! Much success to you in the new year!