FEMALE Magazine Feb' Issue

Female Mag Feb 2011

Nadhira in FEMALE magazine!   

I wanna thank FEMALE for the cute and short Interview on my 'MUST-HAVES'! Really appreciate your support!

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We caught up with Puma’s latest fashion ambassador to discuss the stylish and sassy aspects of life.
Photo by Aqmal Hadi Shapee
1. How would you describe your personal style?
“My style is influenced by my mood. Depending on how I feel that day is how I choose to clothe myself… if I feel like a bird, I might just wear a bird suit and walk around.”
2. What’s your current fashion obsession?
“I don’t normally have fashion obsessions BUT these days, I’ve been wearing a lot of high-cut sneakers, flat-rimmed caps and chunky jewelleries… easy, sporty and girly at the same time.”
3. Share your biggest fashion pet-peeves with us.
“Don’t have one. I don’t really care what people wear as long as it makes them happy.”
4. How does it feel to be appointed as the brand ambassador of Puma Malaysia?
“It feels great but at the same time, it feels very random. However, I am honored to be among the chosen ones!”
5. Are there similarities between the brand Puma and your personality?
“Definitely! Puma is a brand for active people and I am really active in my movements and how I approach life in general… so, Puma sneakers work well for my active feet… hehe! Not to forget, I dig their designs – that’s the most important thing.”
6. Tell us about your most memorable fashion moment.
“I don’t really have one… maybe a silver spacesuit for the snowy weather, but that was like 20 years ago.”
7. Will there be plans for more fashion collaborations with Puma?
“I really hope so! They are busy with a lot of campaigns and I am always a part of it.”
8. Would you like to design your own fashion line for this brand?
“Can I say HELL YEAH? If not, then…YES!”


Anonymous said...

you're hot but i've never heard of your name or your music, really.

you won't go anywhere if you keep singing in english here in malaysia. if you're thinking that you might be internationally well-known, that's a bit unrealistic isn't it?

so just sing in malay and let us see when you can go from there.

lotsa love xx

Nadhira said...

Whatsup anonymous!... I appreciate your advice AND concern! what IS unrealistic these days please enlighten me...I don't think anyone has the right to tell you what you're capable of doing and/or what you should and should not be doing....but thanks again! :)
I make music for ME not for anyone else! and believe me...this is my hobby! What's your hobby?

Thank you very much and lotsa love!

Nadhira said...

man! I wish I knew your name so we could talk more! ;)

Salma said...

Hey Nadhira...I have viewed your videos on youtube and also seen you make it to no.1 on digi's top 20..you're already a star in my eyes and to many others -which is just an extra I believe, stay real and true to yourself.God bless.

Nadhira said...

Salma, I really appreciate your appreciation and words of encouragement. Thank you from my heart. God Bless.

Two loves from your gyal.