Videoshoot COMPLETE!

 My MTV was successfully shot on 28th February 2010. I was very happy with the outcome and I have to admit...Adam's acting was awesome...
A big hug and thank you's to the Three Librans production team especially Ismail Kamarul. Thanks to Idan (camera man) & Goh (video editor) and the rest of the team for being there on that day. Adam Sinclair for being the fabulous actor who helped me feel a bit comfortable in front of the camera, my brother Naqib for coaching me...and Mr. H.W Tey from Awai Photography who helped for the video's and pic's for 'behind the scenes'. OH! and not to forget...the house owners.. Hanna Baharin and Husband!

Here's are few pictures from Mr. Tey from that day. There will be more to come. Video will be out before March 15th. So buckle up and prepare yourselves... :)

Film Director telling me what to do next.

  Preparing for another scene.

 Kitchen scene.

Adam Sinclair (acts as my bf in the past) gives me a (REAL) diamond necklace! hehe

Film Director (Ismail Kamarul)

 The crew on set! :)

Nadhira in action

Previewing the shots

Nadhira in action

 Preparing sandwich for my 'boyfriend'

 The playing scene

Adam sleeping...for REAL!

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