LIVE at Fort Canning, Singapore

Ah! The show was amazing...the crowd was great and I had such a good time! I am really glad that it turned out to be a success for most of us. Illest Cipher killed it with their event....

I started the journey by opening up for Kevin Lyttle.

Photo by Lance Eminger
Photo by Lance Eminger

Photo by Lance Eminger

I have to tell you though, Kevin Lyttle is sweet ;) and always wanting to be the ladies man...haha...I guess that's what he stands for..!Yes he did hug me hug me...
He is so humble and takes time to talk to you and listen and give his thoughts....much love and appreciation goes out to you K.L, success on the upcoming album!!

Kevin Lyttle and Nadhira

Kevin Lyttle, Nadhira and Pierre Larochelle (Black Box Media - Shanghai)

Then It was IYAZ's turn to get on... if you're reading this IYAZ don't forget what you promised me!! You said it to me 3 times! ;) "From Malaysia With Love" baybay...

Iyaz, Nadhira &Kevin Lyttle

Well we all thought Charice was going to be there but apparently she had a movie shoot for GLEE in the states, so Iyaz sang "Pyramid" all by himself...Hey!... I did offer to sing charice's part for her to help him out !! ;) LOL

DJ J Styles

With MTV's newest VJ 'Holly'.

I also met amazing dancers that week like Salah, Brian Green, Wilson, who were the judges for Illest Cipher dance crew battle and saw a great bunch of dancers from Thailand, Phillippines, KL, Singapore rocking the house and it's been a while since I seen girls kickin' ass...for real...wish I had video's to show... 

Much love, bless and respect, Nadhira

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