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When J showed me this month's MOBILE WORLD magazine I couldn't help but feel shy about being on the front cover, tho I didn't really take up the whole page -- but y'know, you'r face is just there staring back at you! Feels strange...but in a good way...

Just a sneak preview!  Go out and grab yourself a copy!
All photos by PeterTan
Outfit by Rarablack

All photos by PeterTan
Outfit by Rarablack

he he he...Well about the 'phone pose' - DOES ANY ONE WANT TO SPARE ME A BLACKBERRY or an Iphone? Man...I think I gotta get that phone it's so easy with emails and the whole free messaging system -- Tho I do think that the world has become a bit psycho when it comes to technology, everything is so hi-tech, too much for me at least! I have to admit though, that the blackberry is a pretty slick creation -- I am more interested in the features rather than the 'look and feel' of it.

Thank you MOBILE WORLD for having me on this month's issue!

I just loveeeeeeeeeee to singgggg........!!! Wanna sing with me? Anyone? Maybe I have to do a total loved up ballad real soon, with some dark and handsome guy with a soulful voice....are YOU the one? hehehhe

Goodnight world, Much love always,
The Interview

Nadhira when did you start singing? 
The first time I sang was when I was 6. It was to the song Lagendaby Sheila Majid. Since then I’ve been singing my whole life. I’ve been involved in music from school and have won competitions. Singing is something I have always wanted to do. I just didn’t know when it was going to happen. So I decided to quit my job and pursue it.

Can you tell us how your classical piano background helps you in your music?
It helps a lot. It helps me when it comes to me composing music. It’s definitely helpful as I don’t need to bug anyone to come over and help do anything for me. I also self-taught myself the guitar.

Tell us about your EP that you just released. 
I just launched an EP called “From Malaysia with Love”. I did that because I was going to be touring Canada. It was something for the Canadian market. The EP is all about love songs. The reason I called it “From Malaysia with Love” is because I have been travelling so much my whole life that I wanted to make something from home."

"Can you tell us how it has been performing in Canada, compared to locally?
It’s been good. Performing in Canada totally opened my mind to some things. I think it helped a lot in terms of confidence. Seeing that the people in Canada were really supportive of my music helped a lot.

What is it about you that your fans don’t know about?
I am addicted to chocolates. I am a chocoholic. A lot of people say that I come across as someone arrogant. But I’m really loving and warm. I guess it’s because that I’m normally quiet, and people don’t know this unless they approach me and get to know me. I love painting. I do batik painting. I love doing crafts like pottery and ceramic. Guess that’s something about me that people wouldn’t know.

What phone do you use? 
I am currently using Nokia E71.

What do you think about it?
I think it’s a cool phone. I like it. So far so good. Just that it hangs on me sometimes.

Do you use the apps on your phone? 
To be honest, no. I don’t use much of the apps. I don’t think I am making full use of my phone. I just use it to browse the Internet and check my emails.

What do you think about selling your music as mobile content? 
I think it’s a good way to promote music. By being able to give my fans that option, I think they have been supporting me by buying my music, especially my caller ring tones.

How does it feel when you call someone who has your song as a caller ring tone? 
It’s kind of cool. It feels weird at first, knowing that everyone who calls can hear the same thing, as well. But it feels good now.

Do you have a Twitter account? 
I do. Its @nadhiranishaa. I am quite active on it. Please do follow me to find out more about my gigs.

What about Facebook and MySpace? 
I am really active on MySpace and Facebook. My Twitter is linked to my Facebook. I also have a blog, where I blog on and off.

What is the new phone you are planning to get? 
The iPhone, definitely. You can do so much with the iPhone.

What apps on the iPhone are you addicted to? 
I love the games. My favourite game is Bejeweled. I am so hooked on that. I can be on it forever, just playing on and on.

How do you use technology to promote your music? 
Online. I really love online marketing. I think it’s a good way to reach out to fans. I market myself online, especially on Facebook. You can find me on Please do add me!

Can you tell us where you will be performing next? 
I will be performing at Laundry the Curve on August 5th for the RRecords Night. I also have a performance in Singapore for the Singapore Youth Olympics on August 18th. You can catch me there."

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