Battery recharge needed

What's new? Nothing much.
Living a spliffin' life filled with adventurous rides and rollercoasters...haven't found the 'modjo' yet. All I know is that I look forward everyday to spending my January in my old home town - as i like to call it... Jakarta!!
Again, tryna find that 'modjo' but I'm sure once I'm in it, it will be something else. I think I feel this way because it's December therefore I feel like I have a reason to feel like I need to get re-charged. Man, do I even know what I'm talking about?It's like...I almost need to be in love with the music in order for me to spark that fire. Do you know??

Just dropping something random - I will get more done that's for sure...this is just a crapola teaser!

xx Love, Nadhira

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