Traxx Upstage Goes Live!

Last night didn't turn out like how I expected -- mainly because I was not in a good mood the whole day, but I ended up having fun! I have to say, that Kyoto Protocol totally rocked the house, I really enjoyed their performance! Wanted Symphony was also amazing...but sad to say that the sound quality for when Kraft and myself went on was terrible (we were running on minus1's)-- so whoever that was there...sorry you had to bare with me on the low sound quality. I was a bit annoyed in the beginning but later on I was like....'screw that! I'm gonna have fun!' so I just did my thing.
It is very frustrating for an artist to not be able to work with good sound, but to be expected to deliver wonders. Past is past. I'm gonna sleep on it.....

I really appreciate Traxx fm for having me on board and for supporting me, because I wouldn't have had as much fun yesterday if it wasn't for you! Thanks again...:)

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