Performing for BREEZE Magazine 3rd Anniversary in Sabah!

Sabah's famous lifestyle magazine BREEZE will be hosting their 3rd Anniversary this month and I will be performing in support of their movement together with Vandal.

Excited to see the other Sabah acts like THE JADE SISTERS and ALVIN MY.

Theme for the night is 'Secret Agent'........ hmmmm interested to see what everyone will show up in!!
I need a machine gun and grenades.He he!

Anyhow, I found this online today on MSN.

Nadhira & Wizzow getting their glow stick!

Ben, Vandal & Phat Phabes.
Nice tee Vandal! "The MoveMint" Want one? Contact us!

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mars mell-o said...

I love your song girl keep it up!! you're talented!!

following you now :)