Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

I had such an amazing experience doing the Miss Universe Malaysia 2011! It was in a mall!!! hahaha. I did a show with them on Saturday & Sundays!

2 sets with 2 songs in each -- I did 'You Got Me', 'Keep on Moving' & 'Feel That' feat. Vandal !
The staring peoplezz were just walking by...some waved, some smiled and some just stood there.. :)
Thank you so much Miss Universe Malaysia for letting me be part of it...it was fun.

I met miss Andrea Fonseka!! She was The Miss Universe Malaysia 2004. It's interesting that my job allows me to meet other celebrities who've made their mark in their own way...

I'm really sorry it's like this, I can't find the settings to rotate this photo!

Day #1

Day #2

Thanks to ma gyal miss DJ Sarasa all the way from Japan for snapping the photos! See -- I don't have a camera, well I do but I don't like to use it because the quality is not so good, looking for a new camera!!
Maybe a Canon, what do you reckon?

We also met miss Nadine Ann Thomas, winner of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010!!

Same problem!! Hope you can use your imagination... hehe.

So while I was looking for her link -- reading the articles about her, i just found out that she is also a hiphop DJ!! Explains the double ring on her left fingers. Dope. I wanna see her spin. I always told myself that if I ever become a DJ, I'd spin D&B, Dubstep, Reggae. I dig it way tooo much! haha...

Wanna know how you can catch DJ SARASA, MYSELF, and VANDAL 's LIVE performances again?

Come to The MoveMint 3rd anniversary this 13th May 2011!! There will be so many exciting things happening on the day -- check out the flyer to see what will take place...


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