The MoveMint 3rd Anniversary on Friday the 13th May 2011

Whats up from the corner of my apartment!!!

The MoveMint event turned out to be more successful than I thought it would be. There were so many things happening on the night from Rap battles, Beatbox, Live performances by Ras Muhammad , DJ Sarasa, Garuda who came down all the way from Singapore, Tatsuro, Illsteez!! and my homie Karmal finally released his EP "BANGKIT" . Congratulations again! This is the beginning of a loong journey ahead! Big ups bro.

Big ups to my favorite asian reggae ambassador Ras Muhammad who made it alll the way from Jakarta for our event! And he brought with him Daddy T whom he has a collaboration album with 'PROSA TINJU LIMA JARI' -- Go check him out yo! especially if you're a reggae music lover. If you bought his CD or managed to grab the FREE Cd's he was giving out -- I'm on track number 3 or 4? LOL Hillarious -- It's just a voice over ad.

So happy to see a lot of people that came down, and so proud of everyone supporting by paying a small entrace fee. It matters especially if you care about the movement, or any other events and organizers that are providing you a platform to release your inner most passion. So big ups to everyone who holds true to their passion and keeping it real and still trying to keep it alive in this CRAZY world we live in. For shizzles. <--- what does SHIZZLES mean Nadhira??? No idea.

Much respect and love goes out to The MoveMint & Vandal for hosting a wicked anniversary party. Seriously....tell me... who else throws events like these?

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO RENTAK SEJUTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you JUICE for the coverage on the event and basically there's alot of thank you's that need to go out. Much appreciation from The MoveMint team! Thank you to the sponsors! Soundbuzz, Obey, Krooks!  Thank you Milk Club.

Here's the before ......

Here's the after ........

Karmal on his "BANGKIT" set. Congrats bro!

Karmal and his boyfriend  Sona One singing Tahi lalalalalalalala lat

MOTION is the new Beat Meet Champion. Big ups yo.
He won a pair of headphones and an SE mic.
I am so jealous. Now he has new gears for his studio!

The Beat Boxers.
I have mad respect for beat boxers because they are super human.
I think BBoys are super humans too. They do things that not many other humans can do.
Much love and respect.

The Anniversary marks 1 year of my CD release "FROM MALAYSIA WITH LOVE".
I got new music coming your way I just don't wanna say too much right now
because I am super lazy and tired of my shameless promos. LOL. You'll hear it soon enough.

Ras Muhammad & DJ Sarasa
 I am super sorry that you have to tilt your head to see these images because from my small research that I did about a minute ago, Canon camera gives problems when uploading on blogger because blogger runs on HTML and bla bla bla and you CAN'T rotate it and la di da di da...... bla bla bla... So please... use your imagination and hope you don't strain your neck from tilting it sideways to see these photos! It's temporary ok!! New website is about 90% complete.

I'm a fan of The Rebel Scum, always have been. *singing THE LOST CHAMBER*

Wadddup girl. I am loving the zig zags on my head you created. Peace and Love! 
The Graffity battle.

Announcing the winner!

These guys are pro's. They did all this in less than 30 mins I THINK?

Congrats guys, every body did an amazing job. I'm all teary now. LOL

Gonna end this post with THE REBEL SCUM video


Much love and peace,
Nadhira with an H after the D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls help me get that right. And 'H' is NOT the last letter of my name. Thank you very much and have a lovely day.

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