2 Nominations for AVIMA !!! (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards)

It has been a while since I've written anything here.... hehe! Alot of things have been happening...musically, personally, work, life.. not to mention, I just lost a really close friend who was like a sister to me. I guess when EGO & SELFISHNESS gets in the head...you loose yourself, like she did. You can't do nothing but just let it go and pray that one day they will come to their senses.

Anyhow! LOL Sorry for the sappy-ness! HAHAHHAA put aside negativity and focus on the positive...

Here goes...

I've been nominated for 2 AVIMA 2010 (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards) awards!
Both for "Breaking Up" feat KING LHOTA  

Here are the nominations: 
1) Best Collaboration
2) Feelgood Song of The Year

You can check out the article and all the other amazing artists that took part in this award: 


I have to admit, SIVA did a really good job on this whole thing. I admire his effort and love in providing a platform for Indie artists. What else can you ask for huh? :)  

I feel blessed and thankful for this. Heeeeeeeeee...........

Bless, Love, Respect and Faith,

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