Do It Again Music Video

Ahhh! The moment we all have been waiting for :)

The MoveMint presents.....

Produced & Directed by : Ismail Kamarul
DOP : Goh Poo Eik
Cameraman : Syahidan Estee
Editor : Ismail Kamarul

I just wanna thank the production team for putting their heart and effort into this. You guys should check Three Libran's production for the high-res version. Thanks Wai Leng, Gary, Ang, Quek, Hanna Baharin and husband, Vincent Tja, and everyone else who helped out!Also, big ups to Global City Music, The MoveMint, Kevin Felix for being THE inspiration, Adam Sinclair, my brother Naqib, the production crew, Tey from Awai Photography,  house owner!! and I think that's about it? Hope I didn't miss anyone out.

Peace and Love...

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