LIVE in UBC (University of British Columbia)

I am having the best time of my life here... lol...but you know I like exaggerating so...

I had so much fun performing at The Tree House! Such a hippy place... people wanna listen to your story if you tell them you're not from being Canadian and having cold weather day to day...I LOVE rubbing it in their faces that I come from a land where it's summer day and night .... ahhh the beach...palm trees...the sea....birds.... hot chicks in bikini's....really.....that's MALAYSIA for you.

Moving on, I will be performing at  the University of British Columbia ExplorASIAN Alumni
There's gonna be thousands of people there which is quite nerve wrecking but I'll survive...I hope..!

CD's are gonna be on sale at the booth.

I wish I could study in UBC!!!   

Okay bye!

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