Some thoughts that I gotta spill..!

A lot of things have happened for the past months of 2010. I think I achieved quite a lot since it hit 2010. 2009 was a good year for me, I think 2007 and 2008 were dark years for me but you know that’s how life works…god steals something valuable from you only to give you something even better in return… I have faith that things will fall into place when the time is right, and if it doesn’t….it was never meant to be, you get me? Just believe in destiny… and don’t be too upset about things not going according to plans…because seriously, sh*t happens. Accept things and face it as your go along…it will only make you stronger. Like the saying goes “You make it or break it”.

My life throughout 2008 up to 2009 influenced the songs that I sang on “From Malaysia With Love” EP. The experience was my biggest drive and motivation to keep moving forward and to finally come up with my CD (after waiting for 25 years to make it happen!) So I have to say thank you to YOU kevo, for having such a big impact in my life, love you so much!

Your music is like mini chapters in your life – a phase and definitely a symbol to represent who you are.
Over the years, growing up I was always musically active, playing in multiple bands…I just wanted to do everything and anything that was connected to music. Music is such a healing tool for the soul – you can go into other worlds and just forget reality, or even use that as a tool to heal others and yourself. Definitely the therapy for MY soul, not too sure about yours! ;)

This year, I managed to release my CD, do a video clip for Do It Again, (might do another one in Canada on my tour), Get my video on rotation on Astro, got 2 songs on the radio, “Breaking Up” with Fly FM and “Do It Again” on “Breaking Up” reached no.1 on the chart. Radio interviews with and, TV Interviews with 8TV Quickie, Astro DIGIMUSIC Top10, NTV7 Breakfast show…all acting as promo for “From Malaysia With Love”, got ‘Do It Again’ on ringtone *131*CODE# and Call or Send to get it on your phone! but for MAXIS only...

I have to really thank The MoveMint for helping me make things happen for me this year…it definitely is a kick start and a push for me to create a full length release now based on the latest chapter in life! ;) Oh….I see the sun alright, it’s definitely calling me….
I am excited to get the chance to have a Canadian Tour for over a month. There’s quite a bit of shows lined-up at the moment and more to add in the list really soon… Feel really blessed for this awesome opportunity.
I am going to sign off with this for now but I will be back… ;) Until then, stay strong always,

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