I arrived Toronto on 13th May, hung out with Jason's friends. The city is really different and unique and there are so many people from all walks of life. It's amazing how diverse the city is when it comes to race and culture.

                                       Oh Canada...

We arrived when it was raining stone cold! Freezing as hell especially coming from a 32 deg. Celsius on average - country, Malaysia! HA HA!

We went by train, city car & walked everywhere, it was good how much walking i did, i felt like my muscles were really exercised... lol.

The day after, we went to Niagara Falls. I love that place especially the town's of Niagara on the lake. When I become rich, I want to have a chilled holiday house there. ;) I enjoyed the weather! Breezy with warm sun :) Birds and flowers were out and blooming! We went to the botanical garden....I had a great time.. :)

We got to catch a baseball game between THE RANGERS (Texas) vs. THE BLUE JAYS (Toronto) at the SKY DOME.

 I performed at THE TRANE STUDIO on Tuesday night alonside Zoe and The Ninth Planet.

I loved both of them! Glad to share the same event with them :)  Many friends showed up so that was cool.. :)

I was really surprised and happy that Zai came by with her friends :)

                                "I love Toronto!" - Nadhira

                                 The brothers; Anthony and Gianne.


                                   Me and Prithi of NINTH PLANETS

                   Sairupa NINTH PLANETS, me, VANDAL and Zoe  

The day after that we went to Ed's house to record my track. It is called 'Keep on Running'. Live recording on TAPE. Just me on the piano and vocals, and Ed on Drum and Bass! I cannot wait to hear the outcome :)

Ended the Toronto visit with Breakfast with Tamash as we didn't get to go to his sprout farm!

And off to Vancouver...!

Love, Nadhira

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