Hong to the Kong makes HONG KONG!

I am in Hong Kong now, my first impression when I got here was “It’s like Singapore, but bigger” so I’ve concluded that HONG KONG IS THE BIGGER VERSION OF SINGAPORE.  Except that I didn’t feel too much like a robot…

The train ride from the airport to town was lovely because we passed through the mountains and hills and the sea…the train is SUPER fast though, it is probably the fastest train that I have been in….seriously. Even the MTR (LRT’s of HK) trains are foooooking fast. Didn’t stink of armpit at all and probably that’s because the wind and air conditioner blows hard…the public transports here don’t stink of people’s armpits or anything so that’s a good thing.

The weather is lovely, cool and breezy, about 28 deg Celsius…so you can imagine how that’s like walking in the streets…not too humid so NO your make up DOES NOT melt and your armpit doesn’t get too sweaty unless you suddenly decide to run. There is a 7 eleven everywhere which is cool…..I like how things are in blocks here, it’s easier man….

We stayed at CHUNG KING MANSIONS this really ghetto backpack place for HK$160. The toilet was so small that you could poo, shower and brush your teeth at the same time.

At night, we hung out with GOLD MOUNTAN at his crib together with MISS DJ YELLOW and VANDAL. He wanted to show us some magickal stuff before we head for dinner. So for dinner we had a feast!!! A BBQ feast and in total, we spent HK$1000 plus for 4 people just for dinner! I think that’s pretty crazy shit, I’ve never spent so much for dinner…. Dang…


Okay, so overall, I liked the stay here, wish I had more time so I could really explore the culture, people and the place….

At the airport now, waiting for flight to Vancouver…

Bless, hugs and love always, Nadhira

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