I've been hunted!

Friday - We drove up to Penang. I had such an amazing weekend performing for 7aste - Mild Seven. Satisfied that I managed to eat at my favorite penang spot in Gurney Drive at the hawkers stalls! Didn't get to snap any decent photo's to put up!

Saturday - The next day I went to Ipoh Sunway Lagoon for DVJ G Mix's set with Vandal. A group from Taiwan (I think!) by the name of Y2J came down to perform. They really had their massive chinese crowd singing along to their tunes!
I didn't understand a single word.

I have to admit though, I really love how scenic Ipoh is. I love all the mountains around that city it's beautiful! And I feel this way every single time I go there.

I bumped into my old friends which I haven't seen for over 2 years in a cave at the lagoon as I was walking to the toilet.
Took this off google. Can u Imagine a gig in a cave?
(I heard people growling in the cave) They were there for a metal gig called 'HITAM HITAM DALAM GUA'. hahahha how random is that? It was a Necrotic Chaos reunion with Wira back from Japan. Happy to have 'accidentally' bumped into the Ipoh metal militants! What a day I tell you.

Sunday - Drove back down to KL and headed straight to watch ABL (Asian Basketball League).
KL Dragons vs. Slammers (from Thailand). Apparently Slammers were on top and leading this season's ABL however, they did not SLAM as much. KL Dragons led the game and won, again! - I realized that the KL Dragons soundtrack is by Rogue Squadron...nice one guys..!

Overall - I missed the PUMA event that happened at Ecoba last Friday! I saw an awesome video footage of Wakaka Bboy crew performing. I was supposed to be there but hey!! there's only 1 of me.

And I've been hunted! Check the photo out here. Congratulations guys!

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mior said...

great gig..gloomy venue ofcoz..