BinaryBreaks with DJ YODA!

Let's see what this week has in stores for me?

So I heard...well...someone told me that I'll be doing a little medly showcase for BinaryBreaks! Alongside famous people like our Malaysian BeatBoxer Shawn Lee, Rapper Joe Flizzow and DJ Cza and not to forget...DJ YODA all the way from UK as the main act for the night. Interesting Combo I'd have to's my first time sharing the stage with these 4 artists and it's always my pleasure to do something new everytime. BRING IT ON! :)

Originally the event was going to showcase a fashion show, in which there will be models moving along to my songs while I sing...but had to cancel....  :( will still be a great one...

Did you know? My new favorite word is AWESOME...!! haha yeah.......awesome...

So here's the event poster...spread the word and the love... hope to see you guys there... :)

Your local gangsta princess, Nadhira

Just kidding.... One love people... one love... ;)

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