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By Jean Goon, MSN Entertainment, Updated: 26/07/2010

Interview – Upcoming singing starlet Nadhira

Rising star Nadhira seems to be on a roll! The songstress has a No.1 hit single in Malaysia AND wowed audiences in Canada. MSN Entertainment spoke to the pretty lass and discovered that aside from her love of cupcakes, the self-professed beach bum also has a penchant for travelling and Mariah Carey.
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You just returned from a promotional trip to Canada. How was the response there?
It was very good! It was very positive. People were very supportive of my music. As an artiste, they look up to you. They think you’ve very creative.

Why Canada? How did the trip come about?
My manager hooked me up with a lot of shows there because my release was coming out. We were just planning to tour there. I had gone into the studio and I recorded some stuff and we thought, “hey let’s do something, let’s do a little tour.” So, we decided to go to Canada.

You did quite a lot of shows there.
Yeah, about six shows in three cities. The ExploreASIAN festival at the University of British Columbia where they had a day dedicated to Asians. It was so much fun. I met a lot of Malaysians and Singaporeans as well. I met a lot of Malaysians who don’t know much about Malaysia. They’ve never been here. So that was kind of strange. They were asking me a lot of questions about Malaysia.

How does performing in Canada compare to performing in Malaysia?
The people there (Canada) are very supportive of music. They’re always supportive of anyone’s music. In Malaysia, it’s good but there’s a smaller crowd that listens to your music. Not everyone can accept your music.

Photo courtesy of The MoveMint

So Canada first, where else next?
I’m hoping around Asia first, maybe Japan or China soon.

China sounds fun. So will you record a song in Chinese then?
[laughs] If I can! That would be funny!

We were surprised to learn that you used to be a metal singer! How did you go from hardcore music into the groovy and sensual style that you’ve adopted now?
Not so much a metal singer but more of a singer in a metal band. Singing is singing, right. The type of music that you listen to changes from time to time. I’ve always listened to R&B as well but I love Rock. So at that time I was listening to a lot of rock and singing whenever I can with rock bands. Whereas now, I listen to a lot of pop and R&B type of music.

Who influences your sound?
I grew up listening to a lot of Mariah Carey. For R&B – Aaliyah during her days.

Photo courtesy of The MoveMint

Your single ‘Do It Again’ reached No.1 on What’s something you’d keep doing over and over and over again, aside from your music?
I’d travel! I’d go on my whole life and go places, just exploring new places.

Your album is available for purchase at Wondermilk Cafe. You must eat a lot of cupcakes, huh, for them to start selling your CD...
Yeah, I love cupcakes!

If you hadn’t become a professional singer, what would you be doing today?
I’d be in Advertising. I was in Advertising for four years and decided to stop and do this [music] full time.

Your album is titled ‘From Malaysia With Love’. What do you love most about Malaysia?
I love the east coast of West Malaysia – the beaches are so beautiful! I’m a beach bum and that’s what I love most about Malaysia. I tell all my friends about the beaches here. You can just go for short getaways within nature, if you like hiking and waterfalls. I think I’m lucky to come from here [Malaysia]. I don’t have to go so far to clear my mind.

Nadhira's upcoming shows:

5th August 2010 at Laundry Bar (R Records Showcase)
18th August 2010 at Fort Canning Park, Singapore (Opening for Iyaz, Kevin Lyttle & Charice)

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