FLY Club Access

The drilling upstairs is KILLING me. The people upstairs have been renovating their home for months already I honestly think they are trying to build a club in their home or something...

Good news on top of the bad, it's happening again this SATURDAY! I will be having a mini Nadhira showcase at MILK. All info is as per the flyer I've attached. It would be lovely to see you there..."From Malaysia With Love" will also be on sale that night for only RM10 ;) 

Last but not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank FLY FM for hosting such an event and having me on board for the 2nd time. I always appreciate! ;0) Much love to you guys.

Peace & Love, Nadhira

Aaahhhhh the drilling finally stopped, but I have no doubt that it will continue in the next 10 minutes.

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