WHY AM I WORKING? by Lloyd Luna

Over the last couple of months, I did a lot of self motivation work and attended talks by International  motivational speakers who are successful in what they do. The seminars were held by Guerrilla Entrepreneurs.

One of the speakers I met during the G.E Series was Lloyd Luna, all the way from the Philippines. He is also an author who just released a new book titled 'WHY AM I WORKING?'.

 "Understanding the meaning of what you do so you'll never hate your job (or boss) again"

Earlier on today while I was chatting with him on Gmail! He showed me the book.

A snippet of his write up about the book:

"Our goal here is to understand the real meaning of what we do so we can liberate ourselves from anxiety, from pain, and from frustration due to our poor understanding of our job or of our work. Without expanding our thinking on this very important matter, our limited knowledge can do us more harm than good."

So if you're confused about what your goal or purpose is in your career, maybe it's cool you can check Lloyd Luna's books! He even offers FREE seminars online!

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