PUMA Archive Uncovered Event

18 Jln Liku, Off Jln. Riong, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur, MY 59100

What is Archive?
PUMA Archive is a commemoration of storied style. The most notorious models were designed at
memorable junctions in time. Each is a reaction to an athlete who brilliantly synced the space between
sport and style— plus an artist whose patterns never cease to play hard.

From the burgeoning skateboarding scene in the 70’s, the break-dancing and hip—hop revolution of the
80’s, to the 90’s when sport and fashion became interchangeable, PUMA Archive demonstrates how
PUMA was at the forefront of shaping and defining so many cultural movements.

PUMA Archive respectfully re-issues these cult classics as well as creating new designs that break all the
molds. PUMA Archive products come with stories and roots that situate them in a grander game—they’re
style with significant substance. Some of these models you will know all to well are the Suede and Clyde.

Music by:
  • Bittersweet
  • Nadhira
  • Car Crash Hearts
  • DJ Anowl

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